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I’m Maureen.

A spiritual Pied Piper, shameless storyteller, and spiritual teacher who is transforming the way people think of church, sex, spirituality, and creativity.  I listen for the miracles that live beneath the mundane and assist you in seeing, sharing, and living your most engaged, impactful, and unapologetic story. I am a passionate teacher of A Course in Miracles and a devotee of the Blessed Mother. 



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Muldoon Communications

We bring your story to light and create progressive, powerful, and effective messaging for your platform.


Voice Box Stories

It’s a story, a song, a serenade, a place to be heard and hear about the human condition. It’s a tapestry of the art of being human. It’s the happiest night of the month. 

Miracles LIVE 365

Wake up to Miracles and a happy tribe of thirsty souls seeking to love more and fearless.


A Course in Creating

You were created to create. Leave your mark in love. This course liberates your audaciouness.


SpeakEasy Spiritual Community

 Every Sunday at 10:30  on ZOOM or at Immanuel Hall, 302 S Grant St, Hinsdale, IL 60521  More info.

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Rest, recreation, writing, and retreats. These amazing gatherings helps to polish your writing skills, support accountability and unearth your life purpose through the use of personal narrative. LINK


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Looking for a Coach or a speaker?  

Within you dwells a light that can not fail. If you are ready I can help you write a whole new story.  It’s time to live an unapologetic life.
Clarity is Power.
“There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t learn from you. Today was really a breakthrough day for me. After the call, I held myself and my mother in meditation, and God released me of my ‘fear and control’. I feel lighter of heart and spirit and am so thankful for that. Thank you for listening and for your input.”

~ Lisa Taylor

Grateful appreciation for sharing your love, life, and leadership with the DECA Members and Advisors.

~ Deca Texas Association

“Maureen has an inspiring way of identifying what is already within us while launching us into action.”

Pamela While Bosse,  founder of Maple and Lapis

“Maureen’s voice, incomparable wisdom, and humor enriches every miracle morning coaching call. It’s a priceless experience, so rare in these days of pre-packaged, one size fits all experiences.”

Rev. Libby Keats

“Maureen has an inspiring way of identifying what is already within us while launching us into action.”

Pamela While Bosse,  founder of Maple and Lapis

Maureen Muldoon and her program of morning calls have changed my life. I looked forward to getting up in the morning, being with a group of people, learning the lesson, and asking the questions. It really helped me understand what A Course in Miracles was saying and to apply it to my life.

Pamela Peterson,  Artist