“Muldoon re-creates her story with vivid descriptions, believable dialogue, and enjoyable portraits of such people as her occasional roommate “Skye.” Along the way, she offers keen observations on the “scripts and structures” that underpin the modern dating game. A self-help memoir about one woman overcoming a broken marriage and alcoholism to find spiritual fulfillment…The author also offers concrete, valuable examples of how the “feminine Divine” can help turn trauma into spiritual wisdom, which should particularly appeal to fans of Louise Hay’s work. A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights.”

— Kirkus review

“A self-help memoir about one woman overcoming a broken marriage and alcoholism to find spiritual fulfillment . . . The author also offers concrete, valuable examples of how the ‘feminine Divine’ can help turn trauma into spiritual wisdom, which should particularly appeal to fans of Louise Hay’s work. A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights.” 
Kirkus Reviews

PopSugar has included Spiritual Vixen on their Books to Cozy Up With This Fall” roundup.
The Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life by Maureen Muldoon, Out Nov. 20
This humorous and sexy self-help book from Maureen Muldoon is about picking yourself up and embracing who you are in the face of heartbreak. After her husband left her for Miss Universe, Muldoon put on a brave face and proceeded with her life, soon discovering the kind of woman she’d always wanted to be. With the help of her sexy stilettos, this inspiring woman got her life back on track and embraced the lifestyle she always wanted. This new book is the perfect read for any woman in need of a pick-me-up and inspiration to take control of her life.
Pre-order your copy on Amazon!
Spiritual Vixen’s Guide made Betches top 5 Self-Help Books That Aren’t Corney! Yipeee!
There’s a reason this is on a list of self-help books that aren’t corny. This true story is about a woman whose husband leaves her for Miss Universe. Miss f*cking Universe. And I thought I had trust issues. Muldoon details her feelings of loss, anger, and denial in a funny and candid way, and her journey towards liberation is one you’ll be rooting for.

“It’s like two books in one! It’s a ‘how-to’ instruction manual on how to connect with the Divine Feminine and become a strong and spiritual woman, as well as a beautifully written true story from whence Muldoon’s life lessons came. It’s a story that will pull you in, make you laugh and cry, and inspire you to follow Muldoon and become your best self!”

—Bethany Rooney, television producer/director

“Maureen Muldoon is a wonderful storyteller . . . she navigates her life with honesty and humor.”

—Mindy Sterling, actress, Austin Powers

Maureen reminds us to pay attention and follow the signs and signals of the Universe that lead us to the life of our dreams. To remember, even in the midst of the depths of despair that endings are always beginnings, that we are writing our own stories in collaboration with the Divine Creator that lives within us, to never give up when the chips are down, because the Goddess will burn down our limited expectations and deliver something bigger, badder and bolder than we could ever dream of ourselves.

– Cathy Richardson, Lead singer of Jefferson Starship

Muldoon delivers a valiant, generous story that gives women a fresh perspective on being savvy, sacred, and sexy… This is girl power at its most inspired!”

– Tammy Letherer, author of Buddha at My Table

Spiritual Vixen’s Guide To An Unapologetic Life. This story begins with an ending: the day Maureen Muldoon realized the devastating fact that her husband was having an affair―and leaving her for Miss Universe. Miss freaking Universe! How does this even happen? An intimate examination of Muldoon’s unraveling in the face of this betrayal, A Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to An Unapologetic Life takes a fresh, funny and fearless look at loss, denial, anger, grace, and liberation. Coming in November 20th, 2018!


A self-help memoir about one woman overcoming a broken marriage and alcoholism to find spiritual fulfillment.

“Magical chapters can start with really sucky endings,” writes Muldoon (Giant Love Song, 2018, etc.), and she begins this remembrance with one such conclusion. Her marriage to fellow actor “Reed” (names have been changed) collapsed in divorce after she learned that he’d been having an affair with a former Miss Universe. Suddenly, the author was facing life as a single mother of a 3-year-old, so to make ends meet, she became a children’s party entertainer and auditioned for acting jobs in commercials and theater productions. As she did so, she took a year off from pursuing romantic relationships to focus on her own emotional healing. Her period of celibacy, she says, forced her to rely on herself, but she eventually met “Will,” a fellow actor and a cancer survivor. Although they’d assumed that he was sterile from chemotherapy, she became pregnant before they married and went on to have two more children. Muldoon finally confronted her drinking problem—which began in her teen years, after her mother’s death—by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and reading Helen Schucman’s 1976 book A Course in Miracles. Now she considers herself a spiritual coach and “celebrant,” and she directs the SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. Later, when she got a call from the aforementioned Miss Universe, lamenting that Reed was seeing someone else, she responded with compassion, rather than vengeful glee. Muldoon re-creates her story with vivid descriptions, believable dialogue, and enjoyable portraits of such people as her occasional roommate “Skye.” Along the way, she offers keen observations on the “scripts and structures” that underpin the modern dating game, which subordinate women’s needs to men’s senses of entitlement. The timeline can be a bit confusing when the memoir loops back to past events, but the book’s arrangement is more thematic than chronological; the 16 chapter titles align with a final list of exhortations. The author also offers concrete, valuable examples of how the “feminine Divine” can help turn trauma into spiritual wisdom, which should particularly appeal to fans of Louise Hay’s work.

A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights.



Elizabeth Keats

November 24, 2018

If I hadn’t already known what this book was about, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. The cover, while clearly the choice of a confident, liberated, beautiful woman might be off-putting, even intimidating for women who don’t identify with those qualities. And yet they’re exactly who she’s writing for. You don’t even have to be female to be an unapologetic spiritual vixen. She shares her journey from terrified young mom cruelly dumped for Miss Universe (did he really have to mention his lover’s breasts?) to the happy woman who has found her real vocation, one of celebration, creativity, community, and performance. This book is a funny, heartfelt, courageous story of creating a whole, happy, healthy person out of the challenges, surprises, deep hurts, and losses that life has a way of bringing our way. Don’t be put off by the cover. Don’t tell anybody, but there’s no sex in this book–just some authentic, sweet romance, a friendship for the ages, a family who love, support, tease, and challenge. The cast of characters, as intriguing and unforgettable as in her first book Big Giant Love Song (that fabulous Irish family and neighborhood show up in both) . This new book, however, ends each chapter with a suggestion, specific, practical and perfect. You read, laugh, cry, then you do, and then you change. And in no time, you discover you’ve become a spiritual vixen living an unapologetic life.

The perfect Christmas gift for sisters, moms, friends, and liberated men. Just get over the cover.

Maggie Mae

November 21, 2018

I loved everything about this book. It’s honest, raw, and relatable. It’s humorous, it’s spiritual, it made me cry and laugh, sometimes at the same time. It’s a book that will take you through the hardship and betrayal of life’s unpredictable classroom. The story demonstrates by example how one can rise above the ashes into a mighty spiritual vixen! Great gift for anyone in need of a little inspiration and courage. Highly recommend.
Maryann Locaparra

December 23, 2018

Maureen proves that she is the Spiritual Vixen! Everyone knows that getting dumped in a relationship is painful. Some people choose to cheat on their significant other all over the Universe – and some people cheat with Ms. Universe! Anyone that has experienced struggles in their life – which is everyone – can relate to this inspiring true story. Maureen shares her incredible journey from losing her mother as a teenager, to becoming a devastated single mother to becoming a woman who stands in her faith and on her strength. Thank you, Maureen, for sharing your story and for showing the world what it means to be a Spiritual Vixen!
One person found this helpful

Rita Dragonette

January 3, 2019

Given the cover, I was set for something else, but upon reading I can see that this fits with the author’s coaching profession and exemplifies her overall approach. An interesting mix of memoir, spirituality and self help–it tracks a journey. You follow it not for the happy ending, which is assumed, but for the process. This trek from there to here will intrigue you.
Megan Campbell

December 8, 2018

Honest, true and funny! Wonderful insight to the crazy lives we live as women and how to manage the bumps! Took away a lot of great tools to use in life!

November 20, 2018

Last stop on the #nsfwreads @booksparks blog tour! I received The Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life and immediately though this was going to be the juiciest of the blog tour – I mean, that cover! Hahaaa… well, totally NOT the case. I’m a cover judger. I have to be – it’s part of my real job (aside from my pretend job where I’m a wannabe famous, wealthy book reviewer) and I judge every single cover that crosses my path, and I DO buy books based solely on their cover! Sorry! #truth To me, I’m noy so sure the cover matched the inside.

While the book started slow for me – I was unprepared for the “self-help” tips, and the heavy handed “God stuff” – but, I kept reading and found myself immersed in a really sweet, heartbreaking, then heartwarming memoir of a life thoroughly lived (and still living) from the brutal honesty of a really powerful chick! Or, ahem – sorry, a “really bad-a$$ Spiritual Vixen!” Maureen is inspiring – she’s been through a lot, and she’s very relatable. For me, the self help tips and tricks – not my thing. And that’s OK. They are summarized just at the end of each chapter- and very useful I can imagine for those who read for empowerment and strength. VERY helpful. But me, I just like a good story – that’s all I like to do when I read. And THIS was a good story!

I found myself thinking of that whole Godwinks thing… again, not my thing, but I love the “coincidence” stories and the signs that Maureen gets throughout her life – they make the story of her life extremely fascinating and I have to say, she’s pretty darn inspirational.

“Life has a way of trying to make us her bitch.”

I think this just might be my most favorite quote of the year. Life is hard. Maureen’s life was really hard for a time being, and it’s not easy navigating life – so I appreciate her voice, and I sincerely believe she must be a great help in her current profession to people who are struggling.

The book is filled with some really awesome moments of girl power. From her sisters, to her friends – even some strangers, there’s a definitely theme of female empowerment:

“Women have been burned at the stake, but we’ve been branding each other ever since. It’s time to lay all the that down and move in a true direction of peace and empowerment.”

Amen sista!

I’m glad I stuck with it. I had some reservations in the beginning, as some of the churches views I tend to really disagree with, but I love the spiritual awakening she has towards the end of the book – in fact I might have cheered out loud a bit for her 🙂

I think everyone should definitely give this book a chance. And DON’T judge it by it’s cover! Sorry Maureen – you are GORGEOUS! But my husband immediately looked over as I was reading and was like… “Are you reading a dirty book!?!” lol To me, this book is VERY SFW! Not NSFW! It’s not naughty, as her pose may suggest – these nothing juicy or raunchy about it. And even if you aren’t looking for any sort of spiritual guide – it’s still a really great, inspiring story, and I feel just a little bit like a Spiritual Vixen myself – just from having read it.


November 25, 2018

This book is all about understanding yourself in the deepest, truest way possible. Maureen Muldoon’s extreme willingness to present herself in a completely transparent way is contagious! I’m finding the “art of savoring” section to be so very helpful in learning to bring my number of content moments each day from a handful to most. She writes, “Discontent is a bad neighborhood where all your worst habits live.” Following Maureen’s brand of spiritual teachings will be sure to result in a habit you keep!

November 20, 2018

I didn’t know what to make of this book when it first began. Muldoon divulges her life story as a teenager who lost her mother to cancer, a struggling actress, single mother, and then finding love with a new partner and adding three more kids. In between each chapter she provides tools for building up your self confidence. The spiritual parts of the book I skipped, but I appreciated her life story. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.

November 26, 2018

This is the most relatable story about someone who found their way (the hard way..from scratch) and shares it with us. Maureen is the most colorful authentic person one could come to know. Her story brings you that much closer to her experiences of the highest highs and the lowest lows and the very soul-bearing way she’s navigated all of life’s curve balls . I could not put the book down! I will refer it -and to it .. often. It even comes with tools and helpful advice. I hope to have a book club discussion on this book (and I don’t even belong to a book club!) When not in my hands (or in a friend’s hands), this book will live next to my copy of the Alchemist. Outstanding Maureen Muldoon! I think I’m going to read it again now. I hope they make a movie out of this! Kudos!
Laura Vida

February 6, 2019

I enjoyed this book and Maureen’s journey as she, like all of us, tries to uncover and recover her authentic self in the maze of relationships, motherhood, family history and spirituality. After reading her story, I felt inspired to re-examine my own life through the lense of authenticity she demonstrated. Unlike many self-help gurus, Maureen is not afraid to show us her flaws. She invites us in so that we too can have the courage to pursue our own healing and inner guidance.
A triumph and inspiration!