“A self-help memoir about one woman overcoming a broken marriage and alcoholism to find spiritual fulfillment…The author also offers concrete, valuable examples of how the “feminine Divine” can help turn trauma into spiritual wisdom, which should particularly appeal to fans of Louise Hay’s work. A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights.”

— Kirkus review

“It’s like two books in one! It’s a ‘how-to’ instruction manual on how to connect with the Divine Feminine and become a strong and spiritual woman, as well as a beautifully written true story from whence Muldoon’s life lessons came. It’s a story that will pull you in, make you laugh and cry, and inspire you to follow Muldoon and become your best self!”

—Bethany Rooney, television producer/director

“Maureen Muldoon is a wonderful storyteller . . . she navigates her life with honesty and humor.”

—Mindy Sterling, actress, Austin Powers

Maureen reminds us to pay attention and follow the signs and signals of the Universe that lead us to the life of our dreams. To remember, even in the midst of the depths of despair that endings are always beginnings, that we are writing our own stories in collaboration with the Divine Creator that lives within us, to never give up when the chips are down, because the Goddess will burn down our limited expectations and deliver something bigger, badder and bolder than we could ever dream of ourselves.

– Cathy Richardson, Lead singer of Jefferson Starship

Spiritual Vixen’s Guide To An Unapologetic Life. This story begins with an ending: the day Maureen Muldoon realized the devastating fact that her husband was having an affair―and leaving her for Miss Universe. Miss freaking Universe! How does this even happen? An intimate examination of Muldoon’s unraveling in the face of this betrayal, A Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to An Unapologetic Life takes a fresh, funny and fearless look at loss, denial, anger, grace, and liberation. Coming in November 20th 2018!


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