Now is the time to own your authority and celebrate the Divine in all.

A celebrant is a sanctuary for peace. A holy light that blesses the perfection in all things equally and without exception. A celebrant is the bringer of truth that eliminates the illusion of separation and scarcity, a hopeful and helpful hand in all ways for all days. A celebrant is a temple of joy that stays open even on the roughest days and most jagged hours. A celebrant is preordained by love and so ease and grace are their natural path.  The celebrant is supplied by Source to fulfill their part in the holy harmony of life. 

A celebrant celebrates that God is good and all is well.

Celebrate, the art of making happy!

Why The Celebrant CourseThe world is wishing to be witnessed. And every day there are a million reasons to say, “Wait! Something important is happening, some major or minor event that marks the meanings in our lives. These coming of age moments draw from us the desire to be witnessed. We rise to the importance of the moment that whispers, “this is who we are, this is what is happening and we want, we need to be witnessed in our community.” That’s all people really want, they want to be seen and celebrated. If your calling is to facilitate the honoring of these moments, we are here to help you step into that role and we promise that the time that you spend playing this role will be some of your best spent hours. 

How it came to be?  As a child, I had wondered why there were no “girl priest”? I was told that this was not a thing. When I grew up and got the call to open a church and teach spiritual concepts, I was sure that God must have gotten something wrong. I started calling myself a spiritual vixen because I could not find a word that fit with what I did. I was definitely not a priest, I did not have the right body parts. I was too irreverent to be a reverend and as for calling my self a “spiritual director?” I figured it was best if I not try and direct spirit. So when I found the word CELEBRANT I felt like I had discovered Christmas morning in my pocket. 

What is a celebrant? A celebrant is a spiritually trained, certified professional who is called upon to craft, create and perform high-quality personalized ceremonies, services, and sermons for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

 The Celebrant course helps to give you the tools, confidence, and consciousness to press pause on the parade of life and invoke and invite the sacred to have a say. This course will assist you in building the tools to support your friends, family members, and community in celebrating the passing of life’s major events. Through working on writing, improv., and public speaking, you will be empowered to create and craft sermons and celebration tailor-made for your loved ones and clients. 

Whether you are invited to performing a wedding, baby blessing, or celebration of life, what we will be working on is helping you to find and exercise your own spiritual authority to enable you to summon the sacred and weave a bit of wonder in the hem of life. To give a poetic nod to a memorial service, to bless with beatitudes a blushing young couple’s vows.

Aside from the many benefits to the course, you will also ensure yourself front row seats to life’s most beautiful moments. 

The celebrant curriculum covers:

~Empowering your spiritual authority, and personal style,

~Building a spiritual toolbox of prayers, readings, inspirational stories, lessons, and blessings.

~Understanding the major religions and traditions and their diverse cultural rituals and ceremony.

~Empowering your ability to write and deliver provocative and poignant sermons and stories.

~Working with clients to create a personalized service.

~The art of living a life of radical joy.

~How to drum up a dash of the divine, a nod to cultural traditions and a wink of the whimsical so that you can weave you words for optimal impact.

We are each pre-ordained to celebrate life. This September – May, SpeakEasy will be offering a 9-month  mastermind course that will empower your own spiritual authority. If you would like to know more set up a conversation with Maureen to see if this is your year to celebrate.
The 9-month program includes sacred improv, affirmative prayer, Write-On, miracles LIVE 365 and A Course In Creating, World Religions and traditions. It begins with a retreat and ends with a graduation.
If you are ready to live in love and stand in joy, as a visible spiritual leader, join us.