Spiritual Vixen Prayer Beads

These lovely prayer beads make you sexier, smarter and able to be insanely happy even when your co-pilot is flipping you the bird.


The design of this prayer bead was inspired from my childhood and all the hours we spent praying the rosary as kids… Many… many… hours. 

This rosary is a prayer that helped me develop a relationship with the blessed mother who I credit for bringing me to A Course In Miracles. But that is another story for another day.

Increase your happiness by using these beads for chanting, meditation, balance or simply to bring you to a greater appreciation of beauty.

They look great on guys and gals. Thank you to our lovely models.

HOLIDAY BONUS: Each bead comes with a one-on-one, intuitive prayer session to support your clarity, Divine direction, and wellbeing. Offer good till December 1st.

I love my Mala!

Maureen Muldoon’s heartful-handmade Mala necklaces are magical. It is as if she held the key to open my heart that unlocked the power of healing energy. She sets intentions, plus her love and spiritual vixen vibes in each stone. I am overjoyed to be on a tribe with Maureen as my guide! I am forever grateful…” -Deb Lang