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Let me share a story. 


Giant Love Song

Giant Love Song is a tender, autobiographical account of a family losing their mother to cancer. A bevy of aunts bearing morphine and wine try impossibly to manage the six sisters and two brothers who, each by each invent their own narratives in order to face this loss. They are all pulled toward a turning point that will re-shape how they love, the ways they need each other and at the core, deepen how they are family. LINK TO BUY

Spiritual Vixen's Guide To An Unapologetic Life

Spiritual Vixen’s Guide To An Unapologetic Life. This story begins with an ending: the day Maureen Muldoon realized the devastating fact that her husband was having an affair―and leaving her for Miss Universe. Miss freaking Universe! How does this even happen? An intimate examination of Muldoon’s unraveling in the face of this betrayal, A Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to An Unapologetic Life takes a fresh, funny and fearless look at loss, denial, anger, grace, and liberation. Coming in November 2018! LINK TO BUY

The Life of a Sandcastle

A brilliantly simple allegory that presents the cycle of life and death at a level that is accessible to children of all ages. This rhyming tale takes us on a journey that explores a day in the life of a sandcastle who comes to find she is not just a little sandcastle but one with the entire ocean. An inspiring story for all who struggle with loss.  LINK TO BUY

Voicebox Stories: Out of the Box, Volume 1

Maureen Muldoon and Cathy Richardson take you on a journey through their experiences, the good, the bad and the in between. These quirky, hilarious and poignant stories will warm your heart and have you hungry for more.

Trans-Parent Love

 Check out the video clips, reviews and find out about future shows HERE . In her one-woman show, Muldoon talks about delicate family situations but she always comes back to the music, humor and poetry in it all. The production is upbeat and encouraging. In a warm-spirited way, she urges us to try to accept people for who they are and to accept life’s inevitable challenges. Review by Bob Rich, Tolucan Times

Booby Trap: The Very Breast Show In Town

The Very Breast Show In Town play is a 2-hour theatrical extravaganza. It has played to sold-out audiences and standing ovations across the country. The show is dedicated to raise money, promote awareness, and to inspire hope and understanding through laughter and tears. To date the show has raised over $40,000.00 for Breast cancer awareness and support. LINK TO BUY

A Reading from Giant Love Song


The best night of the month just got better. Join us for VoiceBox, a monthly storytelling event for emerging artists which features Rock Goddess Cathy Richardson. For More Info.

Speakeasy Spiritual Community

Join a progressive spiritual community of open-minded individuals sharing a message of love and engaging in conversations that promote well-being and personal growth. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever you believe, and whomever you love, you are welcome at Speakeasy. More Info.

Howl In Harmony

Howl In Harmony a nurturing evening of meditation, connection, and a rich conversation on sex, relationships, and navigating the modern romance. 

The conversation was refreshingly candid and extremely helpful. – Jill Redman

Miracles Live 365

If you are miracle curious and looking for a way to wake up happy with a tribe of happy helpers, this group is for you. Never wake up alone again! Join us LIVE every morning for our 20 – 25-minute practice of the daily lesson, insightful sharing, meditation, and transformational prayer. We are there for you every day – but don’t worry if once in a while you find someone better to sleep in with than us. Relax and enjoy the snuggle because all calls are recorded and the replay link is posted on the Private Facebook Group.

“Being a member of this community has helped me experience radical and wonderful changes and expansion in LOVE; PEACE; HUMOR; and a willingness to let go (on occasion); NOT know what it all means; and gasp, not have a plan. I often find myself quoting the lesson, Maureen, and/or someone in the community. I am SO grateful for the amazing prayers.”

~ Debra Ann Pinsop-Depillis