Do you want to live your most authentic life? Let me help you harness your power.

Miracles Live 365

  • Daily Miracles. Never wake up alone again! Join me live every morning for my 15 – 25-minute practice of the daily lesson, insightful sharing, and transformational prayer. The core of this program is the group, and we are there for you every day. But don’t worry if once in a while you find someone better to sleep in with than us. Relax and enjoy the snuggle because all calls are recorded.
  • If you have questions about Miracles LIVE 365, let’s talk! Plus get a Free intuitive prayer. 
“For quite a while, I struggled with the workbook lessons, trying to make sense of them on my own. When the opportunity opened up to join Miracles 365, I seized it. It has been nothing less than amazing! To me, the ACIM workbook lessons are like a 365 piece jigsaw puzzle. You know that each piece is part of the whole picture, but are not quite sure exactly where each belongs and can easily become frustrated and give up. The morning calls keep me on track and offer guidance for the day. I look forward to them and the insights I receive from Maureen, Mark and others who have studied the Course and live it each day.”

~ Pam Peterson, Artist

A COurse In Creating 

If you are looking for a clear and helpful set of tools to empower you to craft and create your best life… A Course In Creating is for you. 

From living the life as a Hollywood actress to attracting my trophy husband to opening a Spiritual center, writing and producing plays and books and on and on… My life as a creative being has been made possible because of the tools, and inspiration of A Course in Creating. For the past two years, I’ve been teaching and sharing this program privately with small groups and witnessing huge success. So I am ready to open the virtual doors and share in a bigger way than ever before. A Course In CREATING is based on the wisdom I have gleaned from my twenty years as a creative, actress, writer and artist and the spiritual principals from  A Course In Miracles.  I truly believe that creativity is the cure-all. PLUS I have personally seen this course be a springboard for MIRACLES. Essentially it is about living the boldest dream that the Divine holds for you. This dream is so much more purposeful, powerful and prosperous than anything you could think up on your own. There is a big WHY that YOU came to answer, to heal, to transform, and the world needs you now more than ever to live in your most audacious life.  

The Course in Creating  includes:

– Weekly training videos

– Audios for each training (to make listening in the car easier ;))

– A beautiful workbook to support you in the journey

– Access to the Spiritual Vixen’s FB Group

– Weekly meditations, daily affirmations, and truly transformational homework.

– Exclusive access to the membership site.

I feel jacked-up and blown away by the experience of this evening. I have been going with the flow for the most part of my days and I didn’t expect to gain so much greatness. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I adore you!

~Kathy Bustard Mija, artist

Course in Creating was both a springboard for getting past blocks and a platform for supporting and being supported by a “tribe” that I might never connect with otherwise. Maureen has pulled together a collection of activities that pushed my comfort zone and shifted my paradigms. Unique and effective for anyone needing a catalyst for creative expression. 

~Sallie Ann Westbrook, artist and founder of Granola

Maureen has an inspiring way of identifying what is already within us while launching us into action. Maureen taught me a valuable lesson on when to say YES. She guided me through a process that helped me evaluate when the answer should be NO, thus allowing time and space for what I really want to be doing.  A Course in Creating is uplifting and made a huge positive change in my life.

~Pamela While Bosse, Artist, and founder of Maple and Lapis

I am so grateful to have you as my literary sounding board!
Your feedback is always spot on and enhances the beauty of the baby.
Thanks – Terri

Spiritual Vixen Coaching

  • Affirmative Prayer. Through affirmative prayer, we activate and restore our Divine Connection with God. Praying in the Truth that all is well and God is good sets in motion the optimal outcome. It is done unto us as we believe. We believe in the power of prayer.
  • Spiritual Vixen Life Coaching. These sessions are a mix of intuitive reading, life and career steps and strategies, and spiritual direction. Maureen will share the no fail tools to navigate and manifest your deepest desire. It’s time to smash the glass ceiling, reach new heights and expect miracles.
  • Spiritual Vixen VIP Package. Kick things off with an intuitive session anchored in spiritual practices and inspire strategic structure. We will take a deep dive to see the highest possibility for you and then set a clear plan of action to make it realized. We will meet for the next four sessions to continue with accountability, next right steps, clearing blindspots and sharing tips and tools to help manifest your greatest good. It’s time to smash the glass ceiling, reach new heights and expect miracles. God makes it possible, I make it fun.
“Thank you, Maureen for being a teacher of Truth and a modern day wayshower of how to be in the love of God and how to allow The Holy Spirit to use you to be the example. I am so in love with you, your Light, your willingness and your open heart!”

~ Anjie Hosley

Write On

  • Write On 6-week Session. This class is open to motivated seekers, storytellers, scribblers and scribes who are invested in getting their voices heard via stage, blog or publishing. It’s perfect for writers working on a book, motivational leaders who are polishing sermons or storytellers with the desire to craft a one-person show. Write On is an opportunity to move more quickly through the writing process while also providing peer feedback, inspiration, and accountability. Maureen will help you to go deep, pull up the core ideas, polish them up, cut out the confusion, and massage your story to brilliance. Maureen is great at helping to bring out your personal style and swagger while sharing tools that will give your writing a more interesting angle or vantage point as well as sharing practices that will support you in staying focused and devoted. She will also address performance and presentation.  Participants will also be invited to share a story at VoiceBox and participate in a weekend writer’s retreat on Madeline Island
“Maureen Muldoon demonstrates mastery at aural editing. She hears the essence of a story, suggests how to build it to full development, and also helps cull what is non­essential. Through Write­On!, Do­Not­Submit, and VoiceBox, Maureen consistently brings forth the best in her writers/storytellers so that they convey their tales in a manner which connects with their audience. My work with Maureen has produced stories which feel more cleanly and honestly told than works from the majority of workshops and seminars in which I’ve participated. The best part of working with Maureen Muldoon is the lady herself. She’s joyful, attentive, bright, engaging, respectful, insightful, and genuine. Maureen is a delight, and I thank her for challenging me to create some of my best compositions to date.”

~ Jane Mathie

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen on a variety of writing projects in the story telling realm. She has reviewed materials I have written and provided sound, effective editorial direction, helping to craft them into efficient, entertaining works. Further, I have enjoyed reading and hearing dozens of Maureen’s stories, which run the full emotional gamut and are always filled with insight. Maureen is a gifted humorist and sees the world in its best light… yet works tirelessly  to unearth the best of our stories and never quits until she has found the essence of a work.”

~ Terry Faloon, Writer