From the Desk of the Spiritual Vixen

Welcome to my blog. I am a writer. Which is funny because that statement comes with the same baggage that I felt when I admitted I was an alcoholic. This gentle admission feels risky. Why? Because I am a terrible speller, a reluctant rules follower and byslexic (dyslexic to you normies). 

Never-the-less, it is what I am. I am also a cockeyed poet and philosopher. I crave a deeper conversation, I melt for rhythms and riddles and romancing ideas. I like to peek beneath the hood. I celebrate Pandora and all the curious cats who what to pull things out of boxes. These things are not so much badges of honor but character defects. Still I accept them as I have accepted my alcoholism, and I hand them to my Higher Power to be used for a higher good. 

I invite you to read my “mad rambles” AND add your own. PLEASE! Tell me your stories. Write me back. Leave your mark. Be my pen pal. I think that would be cool so I hope you join me in the conversation and contemplations of all that is wild and wonderful. 

Write On!



Will’s Christmas Letter

Christmas 2018 I’m never sure how to sum up our year in this anachronistic letter, but I think our son Rhine has given me a visual guide with his hair styles. I still can’t claim to really understand all the nuances of being a transgender 16 year-old boy, but from my...



Home is a place that holds little altars. Happy gatherings of teacups and treasures, memories and musings and music. These small clusters seem to anchor the idea that “someone lives here” someone real with a past and a passion. These holy hubs give the eyes a place to...

May You Fly To Your True Potential

May You Fly To Your True Potential

"Fear of death follows from the fear of life. One who lives fully is prepared to die." -Mark Twain Caught a glimpse of this stunning creature the other day. The Mayfly has a short-lived life but that news does not depress or slow her down. 🧚🏻‍♀️ With no mouth she...

Hi Beauty, Creating your best life is not supposed to be hard. You are each a channel for creativity and heir to an elegant legacy of limitless love. There is one sure way to keep the channel open. At 28 my rug got pulled, my marriage ended, and I watched my life...