Hi, I’m Maureen Muldoon, the Spiritual Vixen.

Maureen Muldoon is a spiritual Pied Piper and spirited storyteller who is transforming the way people think of church. A celebrated and sought-after writer, celebrant, inspirational speaker, community leader and storyteller,  combining comic timing and irreverence honed during her two decades as a Hollywood actress. With twenty years of training in A Course In Miracles, spiritual psychology and new thought teachings, she helps individuals and organizations to tap into impeccable inner guidance an create a business and life that is good, beautiful and of service to a higher purpose. Book a conversation.

“Maureen’s gift is her sensitivity, clarity and humor. She is truly inspirational.”

~ Elise Michele, Writer

I am a connector and communicator, poet and priestess. I cause community. I bringing people together from all walks and ways to engage in transcendent conversations. I am the founder and host of MiraclesLive365.com a daily inspirational/virtual service for A Course in Miracles students. I deliver weekly sermons as the Spiritual Director of the rapidly growing SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. I am also the founder and Creative Director of VoiceBox Stories, a monthly storytelling event for emerging artists which features Rock Goddess Cathy Richardson. I am an author of Giant Love Song, along with several others and I have a few more on the way. There is nothing I love more than watching and supporting others in realizing their limitless creative potential. I do NOT believe in hustle, struggle or stress. If you looking for a coach to inspire strategic action with effortless ease, for optimal outcome, I am here.

Check out my poetry below to be sure that you can handle my fire.