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“Maureen is a marvelous actress, an important new lyricist, storyteller, poet, Producer and she sings! “

At Muldoon Communications, we bring your story to light. As a producer, writer, storyteller, and thought leader, it’s my joy to help you go from concept to communication. Our team of industry experts are passionate about stories, and believe that the world needs more people and organizations expressing their authentic truth. Transparent truth is the new currency.
So we work with you to find and highlight the threads of stories and scenarios that pull the heartstrings and motivates engagement and action. Your message is essential and needs to be shared.

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss how to bring an organic and authentic story of heart and clarity to your clients.
Our team has produced talks, presentations, and productions that inspire, educate, and enlighten. Combining our love of acting, storytelling, humor, and unapologetic honesty, we navigate tough and tender territory to get people talking and taking action. No matter what field you’re in, the world craves and deserves your truth.

Check out some of our past productions. 

Maureen Muldoon

Past Productions


Show & Tell, Making the World More Beautiful One Story at a Time. Episode 1 

Amani For Wisconsin

We were honored to produce a story short to help introduce and promote this amazing leader. 


Our Story Isn’t Over. This is song and music video were written and produced for Wellness House with Cathy Richardson for their 2019 Gala.

A Tale of Curiosity. This production was  performed for the Bodhi Spiritual Community in Chicago.  As it turns out, curiosity did not kill the cat. A wonderful tale about leaving your tribe to find yourself.

Online Press Kit

Maureen Muldoon is a celebrity life coach for individuals and organizations. She has supported nationally recognized musicians, actors, and athletes to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her expertise rests on twenty years of building a successful career as an award-winning actress, author, and artist, coupled with her life long work as a licensed spiritual practitioner. Her clear intuition and articulation enable her to deliver impeccable truth and insightful direction. 

As a speaker, Maureen’s presentations are powerful, entertaining, and engaging. She creates memorable talks and workshops packed with information, inspiration, and actionable steps. Her unapologetic humor and spot-on storytelling make her an audience favorite. She has delivered keynote talks to audiences as large as seven thousand. 

Her work has been featured on HBO, Fox TV, CBS, Parade, PopSugar, The Good Men Project, Risk, Actors Access, She Writes Press among others.

She is the founder and creative director of Voice Box Stories, a storytelling show with a musical twist that she co-produces along with Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship. Voice Box Stories has been entertaining sold-out audiences for the past eight years. She is the founder and spiritual director of SpeakEasy, a Sunday morning experience that gets people talking. She is the founder of Miracles LIVE 365, a virtual community and daily coaching call that supports its members in living more peaceful, productive and purposeful lives. 


Maureen Muldoon

Books & Publications

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“Concrete, valuable examples of how the “feminine Divine” can help turn trauma into spiritual wisdom, which should particularly appeal to fans of Louise Hay’s work. A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights.”

-Kirkus review

“If you are looking to be reminded that we are each an essential and Divine thread in love’s tapestry, this book is for you. May it help you hear and honor your own giant love songs.”

– Dr. Tererai Trent, author of The Awakened Woman and Oprah’s number one guest.

“Booby Trap is a funny, funny, important show that will have you laughing and crying by night’s end. You gotta see it.” – Mark Wallengren, KOST 103.5 FM

“Booby Trap is a rousing, powerful, thoughtful, funny, captivating, heartfelt tear-jerker. You will laugh out loud and find yourself wiping away tears.” – Christiane Schull

We used this book in my Counseling Children class at Rutgers University and I have continued to use this book in my own practice. It helps the clinician work through issues of loss and death in a familiar way with children. Of note, is the non-sectarian way in which the issues of the afterlife are explored on a child’s level. I strongly recommend it for loss work with children. Joan Weise

Praise for Giant Love Song


It’s beautiful to see that when we walk the good walk, life carves for us a path that is not meant to break us, but to wake us, and it peoples that path with helpful hands.

We rise and awaken, not just for ourselves but for the betterment of all.

If you are looking to be reminded that we are each an essential and Divine thread in love’s tapestry, this book is for you. May it help you hear and honor your own giant love songs.”

– Dr. Tererai Trent, author of The Awakened Woman and Oprah Winfrey’s number one guest.

“Maureen’s gift is her sensitivity, clarity and humor. She is truly inspirational.”

~ Elise Michele, Writer


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