Hi, I’m Maureen Muldoon, the Spiritual Vixen.

Maureen Muldoon is a spiritual Pied Piper and shameless storyteller who is transforming the way people think of church, sex, spirituality, and creativity. A celebrated and sought-after writer, inspirational speaker, and community leader,  Maureen delivers the truth with impeccable clarity and comic timing honed during her two decades as a Hollywood actress. With twenty years of training in A Course In Miracles, spiritual psychology and new thought teachings, she helps individuals and organizations to tap into impeccable inner guidance and create a business and life that is good, beautiful and of service to a higher purpose. Book a conversation. 


She has authored two memoirs, her most recent, The Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life, released in November 2018, takes you on her journey of finding strength and spiritual fulfillment after her husband left her for Miss Universe. Find out more under books in the menue.

Giant Love Song was published in February 2018

A beautifully written story resonates even after reading the last sentence and closing the cover

The Spiritual Vixxen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life was published in February 2018

A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights

“A self-help memoir about one woman overcoming a broken marriage and alcoholism to find spiritual fulfillment . . . The author also offers concrete, valuable examples of how the ‘feminine Divine’ can help turn trauma into spiritual wisdom, which should particularly appeal to fans of Louise Hay’s work. A sassy, colorful take on New-Age insights.” 
Kirkus Reviews

As a playwright, Maureen uses theatre to extend her reach diving into taboo topics of sexuality, equality, and transparency. Her solo show Tans-Gender Love is currently touring the country. 

Maureen’s acting resume is long and diverse, spanning twenty years. She has appeared in “The Matador”, “Dexter” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, and is currently touring with her one-person show, Trans-Parent Love, which tells the story of parenting her son through his coming out process.  

Maureen’s is a community builder and her goal is to “bring people together.”

While you are here, check out the unique coaching and courses offered virtually and in person. Miracles LIVE 365, is a live DAILY call that walks you through a year of miracles. While A Course In Creating helps to tap into and activate your creative genius. 

If you are in the Chicago area, join Maureen at the SpeakEasy Spiritual Community in Hinsdale where she delivers weekly talks on Miracles and facilitates a rich conversation where you are invited to share your voice.

And for some fun nightlife, Voice Box Stories and a place to be heard and hear about the human condition. Plus get serenaded by Cathy Richardson from Jefferson Starship… hands down the happiest night of the month. 

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And if you head over to the blog, you will find a vast and relatable array of topics including spirituality, sexuality, creativity, motherhood, and much more. You can learn more about Maureen by checking out her Youtube channel, and Instagram.

Maureen is available for talks, ceremonies, and coaching sessions. If you have any questions contact team Maureen via email or use the booking link below. 

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“Maureen’s gift is her sensitivity, clarity and humor. She is truly inspirational.”

~ Elise Michele, Writer

We are here to connect and commune and collaborate, as the poets, priestesses, and pirates that we are. We were each created good, beautiful and holy to create the good the beautiful and the holy.

I am the founder and host of MiraclesLive365.com a daily inspirational/virtual service for A Course in Miracles students. I deliver weekly sermons as the Spiritual Director of the rapidly growing SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. As the founder and Creative Director of VoiceBox Stories, a monthly storytelling event for emerging artists, I help people find their voice, speak their truth and own their spotlight. I am the author of Giant Love Song, The Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life, and the children’s book, The Life of a Sandcastle, along with a couple others.

I love supporting others in realizing their limitless creative potential. I do NOT believe in hustle, struggle or stress. If you looking for a coach or speaker to inspire strategic action with effortless ease, for optimal outcome, I am here.

I believe in the healing power of story, song and poetry. Check out my mad-ramble below.