We are in the third review for the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles. The current section asks us to review lessons 91 to 110, beginning with Miracles are seen in light. And ending with I am as God created me


For the next ten days, we are asked to pause and review a spiritual concept every 30 minutes. The invitation is not to let your mind lie idly by between our longer practice periods. 


I am an EVERYTHING or NOTHING kind of girl; I want to make too much or too little effort. Balance is a growth point for me. But I am committed to playing my part. 


The Guidance this morning was to “Don’t make it too precious.”


God has already thrown the party, and YOU are the honored guest; you need to do nothing but show up.


Think of yourself as the host who runs around town fixing and preparing and dreaming of the moment when their beloved returns home. This is how God feels about us. She waits by the window, hoping to see us coming round the mountain. 


You are the key ingredient. You are the yeast that activates the bread. Therefore, do not dismiss your contributions as miscellaneous. 


Winter has gone, the Light has come, and in the light, life is revealed in all its glory. 

I would love to hear you Guidance on this lesson. And If you like the reminder, feel free to share by copying the url and posting on your Facebook page. Thanks 🙏 

LOVE, Maur 💜