I will accept my part

In my days in Hollywood, I was the leading lady in some acting jobs, and other times I was girl number 3. This is always the way. And honestly, both of these roles came with perks and problems. I loved being a leading lady and honestly some days, I loved being an extra. The optimal idea was to play the part you were given in joy. Sometimes that takes real acting.

Playing the role at hand is not always easy. Comparison is a national pastime. 

Come Paired

I love wordplay, this word comparison seems to say it all. Come Paired. Come divided.

Did you know that the word compare originally meant to “regard or treat as equal;” from Latin comparare “to liken, to compare,” from com “with, together” + par “equal” 

Where did we get off course? 

At Speakeasy, we are one week into the Course in Abundance. As a community, we have crossed the bridge of “Humility and Holiness” and are moving towards the second bridge of, Honoring and honesty.

We also had a fantastic mid-week conversation. In the mid-week session, there was a great question that we all got to ponder. It had to do with comparison. When people are homeless and hungry, how do we not feel guilty about attempting to heal? And on the other hand, how do we not feel grievances when trying to heal when people have so much more than us? The answer is by focusing on our healing, not on other people.  

According to the body of work called non-violent communication, all comparison is violent. WHAT?? Violent?

I had never seen it like that before, and yet, I have violently harmed myself with thoughts about my unworthiness or guilt. The ego loves to swing; if it can’t get you with the idea that you are not enough, it will gladly try to convince you that you are too much.

And what does this violent vacillation get me? Nothing, nowhere, zilch, zero. Comparison keeps me very busy doing nothing. 

It is creativities number one Kryptonite.

And here is the thing, we never use the idea of “comparison” the way it was initially intended. To line up equals and find similarities. 

Instead, we compare ourselves will someone else’s highest or lowest point. The only outcome of this practice is guilt or grievance. 

Someone will always have more than you, and someone will always have less. This is a fact, a not all that exciting fact, I might add. 

Sometimes you will feel like the guy on top; someday, you feel lost and alone. We will all play all the parts, and no matter where you are in the spectrum of “happiness,” this will pass. 

A Course in Miracles asks us to see all things as equal. Seeing a brother as weeker or suffering does not help him. When Jesus approached the sick or dying, he did not buy into their current “story.” He prayed, blessed, and suggested that they get up and on with it. 

So let’s get up and on with it. Comparison is a call for love, self-love. So the next time you find yourself in the violent dance of comparison, take a breath and ask, what do I need to return to my peace?

Apply truckloads of compassion. And remind yourself that although you might doubt yourself, God has great certainty in you. 

Lesson 98

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

(ACIM, W-98)

How happy to be certain! ²All our doubts we lay aside today, and take our stand with certainty of purpose, and with thanks that doubt is gone and surety has come. ³We have a mighty purpose to fulfill, and have been given everything we need with which to reach the goal. ⁴Not one mistake stands in our way. ⁵For we have been absolved from errors. ⁶All our sins are washed away by realizing they were but mistakes.

3. The guiltless have no fear, for they are safe and recognize their safety. ²They do not appeal to magic, nor invent escapes from fancied threats without reality. ³They rest in quiet certainty that they will do what it is given them to do. ⁴They do not doubt their own ability because they know their function will be filled completely in the perfect time and place. ⁵They took the stand which we will take today, that we may share their certainty and thus increase it by accepting it ourselves.

(ACIM, W-98.2:1–3:5)