Everything is being brought to light either through the eye of our camera or the searching of our souls.

What is seen and heard is healed, but we can not heal in form what we will not look at in consciousness.

Within me is a racist ready to heal. I am not color blind, I still see color, I am still blind to my white privilege, but I am not willing to look the other way.

I stand with all the children in the streets who know the Emperor is naked and truth must be heard and honored.

I stand with all the black and brown mothers who are tired of holding the weight of their murdered sons alone.

I take not one but two knees for Goerge Floyd and all our murdered sons. I pray to know, “What is mine to do?” and I will do that to the best of my ability.

Like you, my heart is filled with sadness and remorse and anger that we are still here. I pray for leaders who know how to bring solutions and not more separation and I pray that people begin to wake up to love. I mean that in the most sincere corners of my heart.

I will do my part to be visible and vocal. It’s time to take a real good look at the infrastructures that have allows these murders and massacres to continue to be the norm.

This is neither normal or natural and I am sorry for any delay I may have brought to the healing of this festering wound.

This no more. #enough