We have heard you George Floyd and we will be responsible for the exhale that you were never allowed to take. Your death has given birth to a consciousness a clarity and a communal conviction and we will be your living amends. I speak for the mothers. Though the remorse is palpable it is not enough. Your muffled plea has struck a chord. We can not give you back your breath. We can never restore or repay the restitutions owned to your daughters. We will never reconcile the looting of your lover’s heart. A universal nod, an unspoken pledge has been fueled by your un-taken breath. A shift has taken place and I stand and speak for the mothers. Your murder has united and incited us to burn our ignorance and inequalities no matter how much false safety they have promised. Your murder has unmuted the marginalized. Your plea has pulled a new pledge of allegiance to not just speak up for justice, and freedom for all but to let these words inform our every action. Your voice has been heard, our American son. It has shattered the hearts of a million mothers, a billion sisters, a trillion sons. It rings in our ears and rattles our bones. Your death has set off a reorganization at a communal and cellular level. A new regime. There is no going back to sleep, this is where we stand in sorrow and yet in solidarity. We will carry you with us and your name is carved in our souls. I speak for the mothers and the mothers will not allow your death to be in vain.