So many nights upon this stage I’ve witness courage on parade.

And watched as beauty poked her head as tales were shared and stories read.

In fearlessness, both found and earned the sentences were overturned.

And from the bar, I stood in awe for all humanity, I saw.

And breathlessly I’d melt and moan and feel a little less alone.

 The room would glow and laughter spark as shanachie, each left their mark.

Our heads would nod, and hands would meet, and truth would pull us to our feet.

 Then following each offering….. We’d wonder, “What’s she gonna sing?”

 And after it was tossed about the queen would rise with guitar out.

She’d lean into the mystery, and listen for the history or her story as case may be. 

 And from an artist’s heart, she’d crone and carve the silence of the room 

with poetry and christening that said… “I have been listening.”


“Your offering has struck a chord that will return a grand reward.”

In melody and symphony, she dropped our jaws so brilliantly.

 We’d beam and search each other’s eyes ensuring that we got the prize.

The perfect pairing stirred our pause. Till we’d explode in applause.

In moments raw and generous  I felt the Muse’s holy kiss

ignite a fever in my bones that left me feeling… less alone.


And on, the night would harmonies. From whispering to rhapsodize

And stand us still and fully feed with vision dancing in our head.

Then toasts were made, and vows were broke and we would all repeat the jokes.

While moxie bloomed beneath the spell confessing, “I have one to tell.”


Too soon the final song was played. Romantic options gently weighed.

Grand bows were done, and pipers paid for honesty and serenade.

One final script would I recite, “God, you were wonderful tonight.”

Then we would leave and stumble home, convinced and feeling less alone. 

-Maureen Muldoon