Cancer, coronavirus, canker sore, according to A Course in Miracles, it’s all the same. Heal the mind and the body will follow. The Course invites us into some pretty radical ideas that could change the way you see the world, especially when it comes to fear.

The idea is that sickness is simply a sign that our fear is bigger than our God.
Because of this imbalance, we go about busily justifying fear. After all, we have enrolled “the authorities” who have special pills and gadgets that can measure our fear in form. We pay a great deal of time and resources to establishments to take our spiritual temperature and proclaim us ill. To question this is social suicide. You are liable to get lumped with the woo-woo crew and the lulu birds.

If you refuse to be fearful or sick, you will be crazy. Yet, dis-ease is nothing but the form that fear takes to convince us of it’s legitimacy.

We have made up a million special nightmares to distract us and draw our attention to fear’s broken altar. Why? A distracted person is very useful to fears agenda. A distracted person is void of love. A distracted person is a call for love. Love and fear can not cohabitate. Love and fear do not walk in the same shoes.

How can we quit our distraction and maintain peace of mind? It would be very helpful to make God your Drishti. A Drishti is a Sanskrit word that yoga teachers use, it means to find a place to rest your eyes, and your attention, so that you can move with balance and ease in all your endeavors. It is another wonderful way of saying, “Be still and know God”. This is always the cure-all. This is the little pill that seems way to big for most lone wolves to swallow.

Illness in every form is an illusion and we could choose again. Did God choose to suffer me? No. Why have I chosen to suffer? Good question.

My old friend Joe Wolfe, who was a great A Course in Miracles teacher used to tell me, “I never get sick.” And I would think, “Joe, quit your bragging!” But the thing was, he was showing me a possibility. The man was never sick. Joe just didn’t “play” that. So when death came to set him free from this world Joe gently laid his body down, with not so much as a cough or a wheeze. He just slipped off. It was an elegant death.

Today, because of his example, I too cannot remember the last time I was sick. I share this not as a boast but as an option. Is it possible that steadfast love is the perfect vaccination?

Sickness requires that I see something or someone as unacceptable. When I do not accept something, I judge it and then reject it. This causes a block in my awareness. But I made this block, so I can dismantle it with love.

So let’s first know that sickness is not necessary. If it is here, it comes with a lesson and a blessing. The lesson and blessing are always more LOVE. So it is Love VS Cancer. Love vs Coronavirus. Love VS crazy. Spoiler alert: Love always wins. Cancer, Coronavirus, canker sores and yes, even crazy are all birthed from fear.

The first symptom of the disease called ‘fear’ is distraction. A distracted person will show up to the classroom of sickness and they will never see the blessing or lesson. They will only see the fear.

You could be healed of all sickness and illusions if you knew that God is bigger than all your fears. God has no investment in your suffering. You could have peace instead of this.

You may think… WTF?

If this is not real… then what… it is all just a game?

Yes. It’s only a game. A cool virtual reality game and you get to decide what game you playing.

Hmm… I guess I am playing ‘doctor’. I guess I like to play doctor.

Right. You are playing ‘doctor’. Okay, how do you play?

Well, the same way everyone else plays. I go to my friend who “plays” the doctor and I play the sick person and we talk about my getting better. They give me pills and procedures and I give them money. Sometimes we talk about his wife or my kids or the weather. Then I leave.

Then what do you do?

I go home and play ‘house’. I play that I am a mother and a wife.

God sees that you are playing but does not recognize that any of it is real. The same as when you watched your children PLAY games.

We don’t really like that we have that much power. We love taking things seriously, so it’s very uncomfortable to think that this is just a game. To help with maintaining the ill-usion, we make up many convincing conditions and we enroll other “players” to help hold the ill-usion in place.

We are like brilliant method actors. We have done a great job of convincing ourselves and each other. We get a lot out of this game! We get to be punished and we get to continue to punish others. That is the simple rules of the game of sickness. Punish and be punished. Doesn’t that sound like fun!

It is important to know that you are at choice. You get to pick which games you would like to play. You could play games that punish or praise. You could play games where there are only some winners. Or you could play games where you never win. There are games where you are weak and wounded or wonderful and helpful.

We are all responsible for the games we choose to play. They will expand and empower our consciousness or annihilated and segregate our consciousness.

The games we play will bless everyone or no one. In the game, we will choose to be special so we can be separate from everyone or we will choose to see ourselves as sacred which connects us with everyone and everything. This awareness of oneness and unity helps us to harness the power that maintains our whole, holy and healed state of innocence. The innocent have no need for sickness or punishment. The innocent see only innocence.

The innocent see all things are perfect and pure with no need to play ‘doctor’ or to ‘doctor’ anyone else. This turn of phrase reminds me that I don’t need to doctor up God’s creations. It’s all perfect. You are perfect. I am perfect. We don’t need to fix or change any of this. If we only stay our gaze on God, we will see a world that is healed and holy.

Here are some cliff notes.
God is good.
God has no investment in your suffering.
You could play happy games devoid of judgment, fear, and punishment.
No matter how many people invest in the game of sickness it does not make the illusion real.

If you are going to play ‘doctor’, remember it’s just a game. Have fun and you will be healed of all your ill-usions. Then you will play the happy games of ones who never falter in the knowledge of how great God’s love is for them.

God’s love is the cure-all. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose… but fear.

Love Maur