TRUST = To Rely Upon Spirit Totally. 

We all have problems… but there is a cure-all that could SETTLE EVERY PROBLEM NOW.

Do you trust it?

Well… what is it?



It is God. God is the thing that will settle EVERY problem now.

I know… It’s hard to trust.

Trust means that we would surrender all plans to God. That we would let go of the steering wheel and allow ourselves to simply enjoy the ride. To be like a fish in the great waters of God. All of this is hard to comprehend from a mind that is addicted to the “current events”. But maybe you are reading this because you are actually interested in diving deep with God.

It’s funny that talk of God can make us blush and fluster, and glaze over under the mystery of it all. Yet we have fiercely defended all the things that we do place our trust in. This pill, this politician, this prestige, the potion will bring me what I need. We live on a merry-go-round of insuficiant gods. Soon we find… after a few rounds, we find that the ride is far from merry. 

The good news is, whenever we are ready, we could give up the replacements, and embrace the real deal, the cure-all. God.

Seek first God and all else is given. Such a bold promise, such an easy direction and still… we don’t trust it. We run the hood looking for the fix, edging God out in hopes of going our own way. 

After all the running and efforting we all find our way back to the peaceful path of God. This benevolent love that protects and directs us in all circumstances. If you had a friend who knew all the answers, all the short-cuts, all the lifehacks… why won’t you go to God? Google is good, but God is great. 

If you had access to a power that would lift you from the fray of the modern-day, erase all worry, and deliver you to eternal and unthreatenable peace… Why would you not step off the treadmill to nowhere and settle into the now-here with God?

Have you ever considered that God is bigger than all your worries and problems? Have you ever considered that you are poking yourself in the eye and rushing blindly into hell?

Unplug from the mad-ramble and place your faith in the love of God that is within you. It is changeless, unfailing and… FREE. It is the answer to all your riddles, it resolves all ills and illusions with no efforts and impeccable confidence. GOD is capable of miracles. Trust It.