When a new concept comes do you negate it or embrace it? Do you hold it close to your heart? Or do you shove it to the back of the closet because you are too busy to see it through? Do you struggle to imagine how you will ever have the time or resources for the delivery of this idea?

As we approach this new year and the holy family makes their way to Bethlehem. I think about young Mary and her visitation from the angel Gabriel.

When the new idea came to her, she did not balk or wrestle with the idea. She simply said, “let it be done unto me.” She trusted the Divine ideas of God… and look what happened!

Could we approach our projects and passions with the same faith?

I hold out a fervent prayer that we will all truly harness the power of our thoughts. Loving more and fearing less allows all that needs to grow, to grow… and all that needs to go, to go.

There are so many possibilities on the horizon but
as we place the future in the hands of God and rest in joyful expectancy we can expect miracles.