Unconditional receiving is the masterclass of acceptance. This month at SpeakEasy we’ve been talking about GRATITUDE and THANKSGIVING. It’s not surprising that all the appreciation began circling back on itself… and some of us may have found ourselves in a classroom of getting to practice receiving.

I’ll be the first to admit that this concept of unconditional receiving can take practice. The presented itself on one of the Miracles coaching calls. Unconditional receiving? What did it look like? How does one practice? Why is it important?

Let’s begin with the simple concept that nothing comes unbidden, that everything that shows up is for you and a direct reflection of your consciousness. As you give, you receive. There is a law of reciprocity.

The second idea is that all that is good and beautiful and holy is authored by God. It might look like love is flowing to you from your kids, pets, neighbors… but it’s all God. God is just using us and others as messengers. We are the channels, so if something comes to you, you can thank the messenger, but more importantly, thank God and then go ahead and thank yourself.

Thank yourself? Yes, you are the reason that good is finding its way to you. You are the one who removed the blocks and allowed the love that is your rightful inheritance to flow to you.

Receiving takes humility, it can leave us feeling vulnerable and wondering if we will be on the hook for owing someone something. Receiving requires that we bow down and take in. Many of us do our best to sidestep this humble position.

We are groomed to get our good. Our impatience and resourcefulness can choke off the flow. In meditation, my Internal Teacher whispers, “Why do you stress and hustle for what I would delight in bringing to you?”

Why? Because I don’t trust. Some have said that T.R.U.S.T. means To Rely Upon Spirit Totally. Totally is well… totally!

I have surrendered into the vast mystery of a competent God, but I still wear a life jacket… you know…just in case…

The ocean is a great teacher of acceptance, she bows down to the rivers and streams, as they rush to her and join in the audacious dance of ebb and flow.

It’s a beautiful demonstration of how we too could practice living and giving with a gush of great joy and receiving with a humble open heart. 

Do you want an opportunity to practice unconditional receiving? Great. I have a GIFT for you as a small token of my appreciation.

It’s a week of music, miracles, and meditations inspired by The Beatles and ACIM… a little something to get you polished up for the holidays. CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE.

May you have a very blessed ThanksGiving… and receiving.



Maureen Muldoon is The Spiritual Vixen, a happiness Pied Piper, intuitive vision caster, fearless activist, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She is the spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community and creative director of Voice Box. She hosts conversations that inspire individuals and organizations to get on course with their own brilliance. She blogs at ~ MaureenMuldoon.com and Vlogs on YOUTUBE