This picture was sent to me this morning from my dear friend Kelly McGarry who was my roommate in my early acting days in New York.

Me and the O-man were in Martinique traveling around with a jazz band. I played the role of nanny for the musician’s kids.

I remember that the arrival of this child was meet with disappointment.

My agent and manager had invested in my acting career and were not on board with my taking time off to be a mother. There were not many roles for pregnant ingenues. “Your career is over,” one casting director told me. 
They strongly believed that being a single mom was not a smart career move.

I remember making a commitment to myself that parenthood would not anchor me, or erase me but elevate and empower me. I remember thinking, these socially accepted limited beliefs did not have to be my truth.

My God was too big for all that nonsense.

This child raised me, broke me open and taught me what unconditional love would feel like.

In the end, he made me a better artist and surely a better person and I went on to have a very nice career plus a whole bunch of kids. Thank you very much.

Just a reminder that you can have your cake and eat it too.