When I do something that I love, I feel like everyone should do it. So when I am not preaching at SpeakEasy or on MiraclesLIVE365… my other passion is I helping people find their voice and share their story.

This sacred work can bring so much healing and clarity. In the end, the person has a well-crafted story to share, plus greater insight on their own hero’s journey.

I’ve been listening to stories for so long that my ears have developed superpowers. In my head I see the story being edited, polished, fertilized and rearranged for optimal delivery.

Clients say, “how did you see that?”

I think, how did you not? How did you not hear the truth that your words are delivering? I did not get the superpower from telling stories. I got it from listening.

It is harder to coach people to listen. Listening is a powerful gift that will not only make you a better friend but a better writer.

Here is a tool that will help. Next time you feel the urge to launching into your own opinionating ask:

Does this need to be said?
Does this need to be said now?
Does this need to be said now by me?

You will find that these questions will help you to be a curious observer. So that, when you do speak your words, will carry more weight.

There is still room in my writing and storytelling class over at the Wellness House. It is free for anyone who has experienced or is currently dealing with cancer.

I would love to hear your story.