Are you in HARMONY with all things?
Sometimes life can feel like it is singing the tune of the wicked witch on her bike… or the terrifying notes that usher in a shark attack in the movie Jaws..
It’s hard to imagine how to harmonize with that… but when the song of your own heart is honored it has the ability to drown out the mad choir of the world.
Does this mean that you are going to go around singing like Elf? Well, it wouldn’t hurt, but having your life SING is more about doing your thing. Creating your path and walking it with a majestic nature. Singing means showing up, being heard and seen. Some may find your audaciousness off-putting but this is not your concern.
There is magic in the mavens that commit to walking the world by the beat of her own drum. Sometimes these brave souls are persecuted and ostracized and still, they carry on honoring the tune of their truth. 
One such soul was Mary Magdalene, she was surrounded and serenaded by songs of heresy and character annihilation, and yet she did not conform to the judgments of the world. She stayed steady in her love and she showed up for it. She showed up and stood witness for what she believed in and because of that conviction, she got to see miracles. She got to see love rise. She rose for love and love rose for her. 
Show up, sing out, stand your ground. 
What are your thoughts on Mary Magdalene? When you think of her, what comes to mind? I am interested in start a conversation in the hopes of unearthing the mystery of her legacy.