Today on the miracle calls, we landed on Lesson 121 from A Course In Miracles and it is meet with an honest question. But before I answer I am reminded that this lesson was my dear friend Joe Wolfe’s favorite. Joe was an ex-con, who spent the first half of his life working the principals of forgiveness until he was freed from the illusion of guilt and sin. Then he spent the second half of his life, walking other people out of hell. He showed me what love was capable of. The answer is hard to deliver, but it’s the only one worthy of repeating.

No matter how deeply fear’s drunken destruction seeks to ravage the world, lOVE is bigger still. So when her timid and incredulous voice floats across the wire with the weary wonder… “Are we REALLY supposed to forgive that guy?” I hear the echo of my own, unwillingness. The question is earnest and yet conflicted and I know the struggle is real. Forgiveness can seem like a fools game, a true mystery dance, a lethal liability.

And yet the truth is true. Consistency is the only way my love, why bow your head and press your hands in prayer if you are forced to smell the blood on your fingers.

Not one son is separate from the love of God. It is a major heresy that says condemnation and crucifixion can do the job that only LOVE is capable of. This is the great lullaby. Do not be rocked to sleep no matter how tempting the tragedy.

The answer to her question, “Are we capable of forgiveness?” Yes, we are. And although it sounds like a mad-mans move, forgiveness is the only avenue that will lead us to freedom.

Do you want to know more about the miracles of forgiveness? The section below was inspired by Lesson 121.

Forgiveness is the key to HAPPINESS and PEACE

Here is the answer to your search for peace and happiness. Here is the key to meaning in a world that seems to make no sense. Here is the way to safety, security, and serenity. Here are all questions answered; here the end of all uncertainty ensured at last.

The forgiving mind is FULL of peace and offers love room to roam and be itself; a place where it can spread its wings and soar above the turmoil of the world. The forgiving mind is happy with hope and free of pain. It suffers not and abides in joy, lavishing in the light, and laughing at the illusion of danger.

The forgiving mind is wholly pure and sure. It’s is clear and confident about itself and all it sees; fearless and faithful, patient and purposeful, happy to go ahead, happy to stay, happy to waken or to go to sleep, delighted by every sound, yet more delighted by the silence and stillness; accepting of darkness, and exalted by the approach of light. What can the forgiving mind perceive but its own divinity? What can it behold except the proof that all is sinless and saved and safe within the compassionate hands of God?

The forgiving mind sees mistakes, but never sins. It looks upon the world with holy eyes and sings as it beholds its own potential rising to embrace and extend and enlighten a weary world.  It holds no contradictions and rushes to forgiveness like a river running true. It needs no escape because sees the sinless everywhere.

The forgiving mind is healed, without want or worry, knowing the present is cared for by the same Source that has authored the future, it waits in joy for the happy outcome. It regards itself in all things and seeks only to appreciate the beauty that is present. It’s holy and healing gaze blesses every encounter. It creeps with curious consciousness and entertains and delights in God grand masquerade party, never once being fooled by the mask.

Are you willing to see beneath the mask to the miraculous?

Maureen Muldoon is a writer, published playwright and author who spent twenty years working in Hollywood as an actress, writer, and director. She is the author of Giant Love SongThe Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life, and the children’s book, The Life Of A Sand Castle, all available on Amazon. Her plays, Booby Trap, The Very Breast Show In Town and Trans-Parent Love have been produced in Los Angeles and Chicago. Her poetry, personal essay, fiction, and creative nonfiction have appeared in The Good Men Project, The Sun, Story Lab, Lit Up, Booby Trap, Story, Actors Access, Voice Box, and Risk. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher and the founder of Voice Box stories, a platform to support storytelling and storytellers. Maureen is also the founder of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. SpeakEasy is an organization focused on empowering people to live their most authentic and audacious lives through the use of spiritual truths and creativity. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and children.