Take from me all that I have to offer, and still, you will never drain me. I am sourced by the Infinite love of a Creator that has no conditions, no limitations, and no expiration. I am the eternal beginning that knows no end. As within the seeds of the apple live an endless supply of orchards, so too is my love for you. – Maureen Muldoon

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Excerpt from The Spiritual Vixen’s Guild to an Unapologetic Life.


Maureen Muldoon is a writer, published playwright and author who spent twenty years working in Hollywood as an actress, writer, and director. She is the author of Giant Love SongThe Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life, and the children’s book, The Life Of A Sand Castle, all available on Amazon. Her poetry, personal essay, fiction, and creative nonfiction have appeared in The Sun, Story Lab, Lit Up, Booby Trap, Story, Actors Access, Voice Box, and Risk. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher and the founder of Voice Box stories, a platform to support storytelling and storytellers. Maureen is also the founder of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. SpeakEasy is an organization focused on empowering people to live their most authentic and audacious lives through the use of spiritual truths and creativity. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and children.