As a survivor, I know first hand how incredibly hard it can be to speak of rape, and sexual harassment. It would be way easier to turn off the lights and stay quiet. You have every reason to button up and quiet down, it is not always safe to tell the truth. You will be attacked, and diminished and marginalized. They will call you a slut, a bitch, a liar, and if that does not work they will say, “it’s a witch hunt.” all in an effort to quiet the truth. This is why an estimated two out of three assaults go unreported. And this is why you must not go dark.

We as women have been invited to turn our Facebook profiles to black in solidarity for the current decisions being made in our legal systems.

But now is not the hour to go dark, now is the hour to turn the lights on and up brighter than ever before. To shine the truth in such a compassionate and consistent way that there is no longer room for a shadow of a doubt. Yes, the truth will ruffle feathers, yes the truth will piss people off, but as we stay consistent the truth will set us free. The darkness has served to hide our secrets and silence our strength, but miracles are seen in light, and right about now… we need a miracle.

Now is not the hour to go quiet, but rather the perfect time to keep the conversation going. To stand and speak and shine the light not just on sexual assault and harassment, but on all the ways we have been underpaid, underappreciated and annihilated from conversations that will have an impact on our worth and well being.

Now is not the time to go to sleep, now is the time to wake, and shake and scream if need be.

We have whispered in the darkness and our weakened words have carried no weight. Now is the time to speak clearly, firmly and with great conviction. THIS NO MORE.

And WHY must we keep the light on and demand to have our voices heard? Because as we stand in solidarity, we will see more and more women and girls and men and boys come forward to speak of the unspeakable. If we turn off the lights, those that are in the midst of the storm will not have lighthouses to shine a ray of hope. And that would be more damaging than all that we have previously endured.

Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one. I am a miracle worker, I work in light. I will not be going dark when the truth deserves the LIGHT.


Maureen Muldoon is a writer, published playwright and author who spent twenty years working in Hollywood as an actress, writer, and director. She is the author of Giant Love SongThe Spiritual Vixen’s Guide to an Unapologetic Life, and the children’s book, The Life Of A Sand Castle, all available on Amazon. Her poetry, personal essay, fiction, and creative nonfiction have appeared in The Sun, Story Lab, Lit Up, Booby Trap, Story, Actors Access, Voice Box, and Risk. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher and the founder of Voice Box stories, a platform to support storytelling and storytellers. Maureen is also the founder of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community. SpeakEasy is an organization focused on empowering people to live their most authentic and audacious lives through the use of spiritual truths and creativity. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and children.