I’ll be home for Christ-mas is one of those songs that can stir the heart and gently awaken the inner prodigal daughter who longs to be reunited. We stubble through relationships and classrooms and programs hoping to find our way home. It’s surprising when we come to find we had the power all along.

The feeling of being home comes with peace, safety, and comfort. This does not rest on conditions of the world. This is an inside job or an internal playground of peace. This peaceful playground is our true residence. And we can stay here and play here is perfect peace, if that is what we value. It is about practicing present moment mindfulness.

We are all at home in the joyful love of God’s embrace, also known as the present state of heaven. If we value and cultivate this relationship we will see that although people, places, and things may shift and change, that nothing real can be threatened. What is real is your peace of mind and your connection with God’s love.

Why is this true? God is in love with you and delights in you beyond words. There is no place where God ends and you begin. As a ray extends from the sun, your role is to shine equally on all things without judgment or conditions. These shifting forms deserve your love and appreciation but they are not who you really are. Stay neutral in all things and let the forms take the form that they need to take without trying to exert control or judgment.

We are not designed to judge and will do it only when we forget ourSelves. Judgment leads to lack of peace. The untrained mind, the mind that is easily distracted can forget itself a thousand times an hour. This is not to cause more judgment, this is only information. Just an opportunity to notice when we have forgotten and forgo the peace of God.

How do we know when we have forgotten? Whenever we notice that we are in defense or attack. Check in right now. Is there a place, a relationship where you are in defense or attack? Right there is a call for love. What would it take for you to change your mind and offer love instead of defense or attack?

If you find that you are defending or attacking or if your brother is defending or attacking, it is a sign that you or your brother are afraid. Judging a frightened child is not helpful. Loving a frightened child is not only helpful but it is the ONLY thing that will help. In your dedication to being happy and helpful, you have the power to choose again anytime you have forgotten yourSelf. We choose again by knowing that in God there is nothing to fear. You and your brother have just fallen asleep and one of you needs to wake the fork up.

What you thought your brother did or did not do has no impact on your holiness. What you think you did or did not do has no impact on God’s love for you. Do not make your thoughts your God. Your thoughts are only clouds that seek to block the sun. They have no power to do more than distract.

We are apt to dabble and be distracted by clouds when we are in fear of the brilliance and beauty that floods us when we stay open to love. In our distraction, we will project our sins on our brothers in an attempt to cloud God’s brilliance in and as us. This is a silly game a child plays when she closes her eyes to attempt to become invisible. God laughs and says, I see you… even if you have forgotten yourself. Not only do I see you, but I see you as good and beautiful and holy and I will never change my mind about you. All our distractions and attempts to hide have no impact on God’s brilliance or love for us.

Accepting God’s unconditional love is a way to come home. Coming home leads to immeasurable happiness. The only thing that needs to be surrendered at the door of our true home is the investment in guilt. Stand on the doorstep to your Father’s home and commit to the acceptance of innocence for your brother and yourself.

Sing a Christmas carol of peace and joy this season. As we begin the holy pilgrimage home, we will receive a holy vision, a northern star, and mighty companions and we will have the opportunity to see, free and be LOVE.

This Christmas is an opportunity to carry the light. To play our part in the mass consciousness and accept the brilliance of our inner Christ.

Lay down your defenses and come home.


The inspiration for this blog post is from A Course In Miracles. If you would like to know more about the book or the program MiraclesLIVE365 leave a comment below or check out the program at MiraclesLIVE365.com.

Peace & blessings,


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