“I did not realize how healing it would be.”
He looked at me with sincere awe. “I thought I was just telling a story.”

I hear this type of confession quite often. The funny thing about storytelling is that it is just like a miracle. If done well, it can be mutually healing.

And right now, the world is dying for some good news. I’ve always been mesmerized by a good story-–the way it can enlighten and expand and revitalize hope. My book Giant Love Song is coming out this Fall, and it is all about the day that my life was saved by a story.

I am looking forward to sharing it soon! For now, I would love to hear from you. I hope this love note will inspire you to share, celebrate and contemplate your own love stories.

And if you have one to share, please let us know about it so we can feature you in our future love notes, or maybe even get you on stage at Voice Box or SpeakEasy.

Below, I posted an award-winning story that I shared a few years back about my sister Mary and the magic that can happen when someone believes in you. I hope you enjoy it.

On that note, I believe in you. If you are looking for intuitive and applicable clarity and support, scroll to the bottom of this note, hit the Fearless button and set up a FREE conversation, so you can start living out your own love story. Remember it’s mutually healing and the world can always use a little more love.