Wearing a mask not only keeps us hidden, but it also impedes our vision. To access a bigger vision, we need to remove the mask.

Sometimes when we tell our stories we only want to share only the parts where we look good. We hide the more interesting aspects under a mask or behind a picket fence for fear of what THEY will think.

When it comes to sharing your story, vulnerability is the new black. There is nothing more brilliant, nothing sexier and more attractive than a complicated person with a few rough edges that is generous enough to let them show.

Below, I posted a talk that I gave at SpeakEasy about telling the truth, the whole, and even the unholy truth. The parts that make us laugh and nod and say, “Me too”. These shadow parts are the very places that are calling for Giant Love. (Which is the title of my forthcoming book. Yes, I am mentioning that because when it arrives I am hoping you will buy yourself and everyone you know a copy. That my friends is what it looks like to be transparent. That is me stepping out of the shadows.

On that note, I believe in you. If you are looking to step into your own spotlight, or if you need a little intuitive and applicable clarity and support, scroll to the bottom of this note, hit the Fearless button and set up a FREE conversation, so you can start living out your own love story. Remember it’s mutually healing and the world can always use a little more love.

LOVE Maur,