In the midst of these shifting times, taking a spiritual retreat can be the difference between being available for life or being totally overwhelmed by it. Taking a spiritual retreat can be the springboard to a deeper connection with nature, with your purpose, and with your soul. It’s the rare opportunity that we give ourselves to recharge and rejuvenate and remember our core desires without all the commotion and distractions of the world. It’s a romatic adventure that you take with your soul and the dividends are amazing.

Retreats allow us to pull back into the deeper aspects of ourselves. When we live too long on the surface, we can tend to get flung around by current events. This type of wear and tear can take a toll on your well-being.

So I wanted to invite you to contemplate investing in your number one relationship. I wanted to invite you to listen in to your own intuition and inspirations, to breathe into some contemplative spaciousness and graciousness and see if this retreat is for you. Because I would love to have you join us for the deep dive into the peaceful side. Tickets available here.


May tears turn into smiles

desperation turn into hope

Dullness turns into creativity

and hate turn into love.

Come fly away with us.

Check out the beautiful location.

Check out the amazing teachers!