As a kid, back before Madonna and Boy George made it look cool, second-hand shopping carried some stigma and even some shame. It made no sense to me. Being the youngest of six girls, everything I wore was second hand anyhow! Actually more like third, fourth and fifth hand. I loved getting my sister’s hand-me-downs and so shopping in resale shops felt equally exciting. It was like I just inherited a whole bunch of sisters that I didn’t know I had. Pollyanna I know, never the less it’s how I roll. 

Second-hand shops quickly became my sanctuaries. They made me feel like a pirate searching for treasure.

Once I moved into New York re-sale was chic. Later in L.A., I got my rare-find-fix from garage sales in the Hollywood hills. I’ve always had a fondness for people, places and things that have been around the block. Things that have a story and a dash of soul.

I am sure there might be some benefit in removing the romance from the shopping experience. I know there is real wisdom in just getting exactly what you need. But I gotta confess that I like the slow road, the sweet discover, the rare find. So once a month I feed my fancy, and today is that day.

I am headed off to my volunteer position, my happy place, The Hope Chest, in La Grange where you can awaken your own playful pirate. Plus it all goes to such a great and worthy cause.

By selling these awesome items Hope Chest is able to donate funds to the CMH and make possible some of the many benefits provided for the residents of the shelter, such as free living quarters, meals, counseling, therapy, health care and advocacy.  In addition, The Hope Chest provides clean, comfortable clothing at no cost to the shelter residents.

It’s a win/win. No shame and all gain.