This Fall I have the absolute privilege to be a part of an incredible collaboration of Miracle workers. My dear friendsDove Fishman, Jon Mundy, Regina Dawn Akers, John Mark Stroud, Jennifer Hadley, Lorri Coburn & Donna Marie Cary are joining to create a transformational retreat filled with miracles.

Let this place be a chance for miracles in the lives of millions of people – where tears turn into smiles, desperation turns into hope, dullness turns into creativity and hatred turns into love.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This is an invitation to retreat from your regular schedule into a weekend of spiritual care. This is a beautiful opportunity to invest in your peace of mind and greater conscious expansion. You are a beacon of light, called to shine love into the darker corners of the world. To do this with joy requires that we get still and listen and get filled up with Divine inspirations. Deeping into A Course In Miracles weekend of freedom will support each of us in a more intimate walk in love.

A Course In Miracles is a practice.

    • The practices direct you toward who you are beyond separation.
    • Towards a refreshment of your knowledge and reviving or your commitment to love.
    • Towards a reminder that you are the light and this light is not dependent on outer circumstances.
    • An inner peace which never leaves no matter how turbulent life shows up.
    • The practices support the awakening to the present moment miracles. 
    • The practices makes perfect love’s desire to experience the boldest, brightest and most vibrantly affluent version of YOU.

We can not give what you do not have, so join us in accepting your role in loves plan so that you can be the teacher you are called to be. Meet us on the mountain top this October! LINK

Items to bring: comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. Sweater or jacket to wear at the campfires and instruments to play at the gatherings. Comfortable shoes for walking/hiking. Pillows if you prefer to sit on the floor. Yoga mats. Flashlights


Weekend of Freedom! Retreat