Saying YES to yourself is usually not the easiest thing to do. The world pulls us all in a million directions. But getting to you full-bodied YES ensures that you will be living your life unapologetically. Only you can decide that it’s time, it’s deserved and it’s important.

Right now, right this moment, you and I are connecting. Even though I wrote this at 10:50 pm on May 16th and you’re reading it… well… right now. Technology is cool that way, a lot of life seeks to keep us separate but we both know we actually have a hell of a lot in common. We all do.  Our love of creativity, our thirst for spiritual truths and oh yeah… we’re busy. Like seriously crazy mad busy sometimes. Most times. Too much of the time. And because of this “busy” thing, we’ve become a disconnected.

We’ve gotten used to a certain pace, a certain movement. We move, we get stuff done. A lot of stuff and all the time. And taking a break is not always an option. It can take a death or a sickness before we even consider it. We tend to stretch ourselves past the productivity zone and slip into the passive zone where we are just plain burnt out. This stagnant state that feels distracted, disjointed, unfocused, zoned out and down right irritable. So I am going to ask you to take a break. And I mean a real break. The type of sincere break that trips the pace of the race mentality and shifts us into the pace of peace, living in the moment and on the cusp of  unknown possibilities.

It’s time to put to rest the excuses and give yourself a new perspective. It’s time to let God do the heavy lifting.

Because as crazy as it seems, all this running and doing and making and getting is keeping us from connecting with our real and true Self. And I want that for you, for me, for everyone. We are better together and we can learn so much from unplugging and making time for the Divine. So come down the rabbit hole with me this summer. There is magic beneath the mundane and I know how to help you access it.

Might I suggest a few of the following? Join me for a powerful virtual adventure in miracles and creativity or let’s meet up in person at a few of the most majestic retreat centers in the country. It’s summer, life is short, and you are on the cusp of your finest chapter yet.

It’s time to get away and dip into your spiritual practice or jump into the fun. Either way, you want to roll, I got you covered. Check out my events and see what tickles your fancy. Your happiness is waiting on the other side of YES! CLICK HERE for event details.

I will also be in the New York, New Jersey and North Carolina areas this summer for private retreats. If you would like to organize a Spiritual Vixen Soiree in your own backyard, we can do that. I have magic and will travel. For that I am a big YES. See it’s not that hard after all.