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I wanted to share something with you. A passion project that I have been working on and really excited about. It’s a virtual course on CREATING.

Creating is my favorite and the springboard for MIRACLES.


The course is called: “The Spiritual Vixen’s Course in Creating “. Essentially it is about living God’s dream for you. God’s desire for YOU is BIG. I know it and you know it and it’s time to deliver this truth to the world. 

This big DESIRE is why you came. This big WHY is a part of the great plan to awaken consciousness on this planet. The plan is incomplete without YOU!  YOU came to answer, to heal, to transform, and the world needs you now more than ever to live in your most audacious state. I have come for the same reason and I have been given a clear and helpful set of tools and steps that have served me well in crafting and creating with the Divine. From living the life as a Hollywood actress, to attracting my trophy husband, to opening a Spiritual center, writing and producing plays and books and on and on… My life as a creative being has been possible because of these tools, which are actually for all of us. That is why I am sharing them with you.  And as A Course in Miracles says, a thought shared is strengthen.




The Course in Creating includes:

– Six 30 minute training videos.

– Audios for each training (to make listening in the car easier ;))

– The workbook to support you in the journey

– Access to the Spiritual Vixen’s Class of 2017 FB Group with, weekly meditations, daily affirmations, and truly transformational homework.

– Exclusive access to the maureenmuldoon.com membership site.

– The first 50 people to select the pay in full get the hot a lava Spiritual Vixen T-shirt


Enroll today and gain access to the module one tomorrow!!

When enrollment closes it’s closed till September. And heads up! It’s closing soon (Like…tomorrow! That’s less than 24 hours!!) Friday, 5/19 at 11:59 EST!??

Don’t go another year feeling frantic, stressed, shamed and stagnant it’s time to create the life of your dreams.
Spiritual Vixen’s Unapologetic Life! I am In!  (LINK)


These days I don’t say “living YOUR dream” because God’s dreams for you are so much sweeter than your own. Trust me on this.
I look forward to sharing this 6-week course. I’ll keep you posted when it’s sign-up time.. till then imagine what it would be like to live without apology or need for permission slips.  🙂




THIS IS AN AWESOME COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Sara C.