My son, Rhine is playing a song on his ukulele, it’s about the eighteenth time and although I might be getting a little sick of the “one-hit-wonder”, I have also been noticing the subtle improvements, the expansion in confidence and the early seedlings of mastery coming alive. Witnessing this is what I live for. The simple success tool of  “practice makes perfect”. One of my favorite authors,  Malcolm Gladwell popularize the idea that expertise developed over “10,000 hours” of deliberate practice. I am with him. I love to practice, I believe in the recipe of “one more time!” is currently in the review section for ACIM. The book repeats and reviews constantly. I have been a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles going on two decades and I am not put off by the repetition. Each time I come back to it, I feel like it is the first time. The book is deep and rich and surprising.

Most of my Big Blue Books seem to repeat themselves. I have come to realize that some things need repeating. My mother-in-law is learning words again and we repeat them over and over as well. This is how we stay committed to ideas. This is how we fuse some new synapse and awaken greater wisdom, acceptance, awareness.

Staying focused on the desired outcome, staying on course, staying in the consciousness of optimism, all off this repetition is the very thing to help clear a clean path to manifest greater good.

As we bring in a new idea and cut new pathways, it takes many hours and much repetition. My mother-in-law’s nurse tells me something I have been preaching for quite some time. When we practice and repeat actions, words, and affirmations, it actually helps the brain, like mussel memory, it’s like doing reps for the brain mussel.

If you want to experience mastery you will need to dance with consistency, fall in love with practice and repetition. Success is not an accident. So what are you willing to put the hours in for?


The picture is of Rhine when he was little, even back then he loved to play a little Guitar.


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