Blog Challenge for February 24th – March 25th

I have been spending days in the hospital with my mother-in-law. In her heyday, she was a writer and newspaper owner. Two weeks ago she had a stroke and now she is not able to hold a pen and has no interest in writing. I’ve been reading to her from a fat binder of her newspaper column clippings. This binder is just one of many. Her life has been spelled out in symbols and stories. She was an early pioneer for what we now know of as blogs. She wrote a weekly column,  sharing her thoughts on everything from travel to war, to child-raising, to the things you can learn in a taxi. Today there is still much to say about travel and war and child-rearing, taxi drivers are now calling themselves Uber-drivers, but aside from that not too much has changed, and the underlining desire to express oneself has not changed either.

At our weekly writer’s group (Write-On) I asked the members what the BIG WHY was for their writing. Several of us come up with the profound benefit of simply being self-expression. But there is more to the whole writing thing than just self-expression. If that was all we were after, we could all stand on our front porches and scream at the world. There is magic and medicine in being witness.

I watch her sleep under a mountain of cozy blankets. When she is awake I play music and pretend to understand her ramblings. Her pale blue eyes search for mine as if to say, “Can you hear me? Do you understand?” “I do,” I nod back to her. Not so much the word salad that she is serving up, but I understand the importance of being seen and heard and the need to know that you have had a positive impact, that you are not invisible.

A few days ago my friend Kieta Synnove of Immeasurable You told me she was challenged by Lisa Friedt of Catalyst Coaching (who both happen to be in the Spiritual Vixen group) to write and post a blog every day, for 30 days.  I felt inspired to join her. I already write every day, so I wanted to add a little twist to the challenge. To not just post but to read, contemplate and comment on other blogs.

So I am joining these ladies and upping the ante… I want you to join in, write your truth and post it in our group and then “leave your mark” on someone else’s blog to let them know that they have been heard.  It is one thing to feel self-expressed and a whole other thing to be witnessed.

Do you hear me?

Leave a comment if you are ready to not just commit and but to comment.

PHOTO: Rhine when he was still Rosemary and was not interested in coloring inside the lines. Self-expressing has not been a problem for this kid.


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