The dragonfly is a beautiful, powerful and complicated creature. Like an actual mythological dragon, I can’t help but imagine that dragonflies carry the energy of fire. They don’t flutter or float like the butterfly, but rather zips and hover in an almost alien type way.

When Dragonfly shows up, she causes a stir of intrigue and awe that sets people still.

In my own journey, dragonfly always appeared at the announcement of a major Divine plan, a merger or transition. Although some myths suggest that Dragonflies were once Dragons, I think of it as more of a nod to the fact that at first blush Dragonflies can seem frightening and erratic just like change and transitions. I have come to call them Dragon-fire because when I see them I know that things are about to shift in a powerful way.

The Dragonfly ushers in the invitation to, “burn from me all that is not God.”

My first encounter with this audacious winged wonder, was a few years back when I had a serendipitous meeting with a woman named Charlene Vickery. When we first met in her office I was greeted by a Dragonfly and if I had known then what I know now, I would not have been too surprised by the way Charlene and I  would set our lives on fire. The time we spent working and collaborating together, was filled with vital transformations, expansions, and self-realizations for both of us and those we served.

Dragonfly comes when she is ready and can not be seduced.

These days it seems that I am swarmed daily by Dragonflies. They come on pendants that dangle from the neck of a new friend, they show up on the pattern of a neighbor’s purse, they twinkle from windchimes, they peek at me from T-shirts of strangers and of course, they visit me in my garden and in the gardens of friends. I am no longer afraid of their fire. I welcome it. If life is anything, it is about transformation.

If you are a dragonfly girl, you thrive near oceans and lakes, really and big blue will do.

The Dragonfly teaches us of agility and flexibility and the permission to change course. Dragonflies can move in all six directions exude a sense of power and the honoring of personal preference.  They do not travel in packs nor do they fly in formation. They have their own inner map. This permission to fly solo is a gift of spiritual maturity. This Self-directed single purpose allows the dragonfly to cover many miles at great speed, they have the ability to move at 45 miles an hour!

The most amazing aspect of the Dragonfly is its exotic beauty and its majestic impact.

Dragonfly’s colorful body and iridescent wings pulls our attention and holds us mesmerized almost against our will. Whether she snags you with fear or fancy, she has you and all else fades into the background as she takes center stage.

She is not afraid of visibility and she is too graceful and fearless to contemplate death.

So when Dawn Sprong, the intuitive creatrix of Made As Intended crafted a prayer and meditation bracelet for Spiritual Vixen’s, I can’t say I was shocked by the cheerful charm of the Dragonfly that dangled from the beads. Of course! Another serendipitous sign. “Did you know how much I love Dragonflies?” I asked Dawn. She just smiled and said,”Well I know that I love Dragonflies and I know that they mean transformation, so I was pretty sure you would love them too.”
The stones are Aventurine which is all about creativity, imagination, intellect and mental clarity. Aventurine enhances affluence and career success. It is a gentle stone that energetically gives a sense of calm, composure, courage and enhances happiness. It also helps to see alternatives and potential in all situations, giving a positive outlook and joyful expectancy. It is known as a lucky, mystical stone of prosperity. And Blue Jasper is a beauty of a stone that enhances nobility of spirit and purpose, it impacts the courage to speak out, stand up, and be seen.
This is the perfect gift for the Spiritual Vixen who is ready to take flight, show up and be visible. Bless yourself with this totem and treasure and then go set the world on fire.

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Maureen Muldoon is Maureen Muldoon, an authentic, one of a kind, masterpiece, authored by Love. She is a Spiritual Vixen, a happiness Pied Piper, and intuitive vision caster, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She is the spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community and creative director of Voice Box. She hosts conversations that inspire individuals and organizations to get on course with their own brilliance. She blogs at ~ and Vlogs on YOUTUBE