I was drive yesterday and saw this sign on a tombstone. “Bye Maureen P.” My maiden name is Maureen Pierson… so I took the sign seriously! “Bye?” Where am I going?

Then I began to think of The Day Of The Dead. A time to honor relatives who have gone before us. A day to celebrate death. I know that sounds odd, but every day something is dying. We drop an old habit, leave worn out relationships, shed ideas all the time.

As the leaves flutter, and fall, It’s a good time to think about what is falling away from you in this season of shedding. What are you willing to let die?

AND then… play a game with me. This one is kind of a morbid family game that we played as kids and still play today. I think it might have something to do with our mom dying young. Here it is. What do you want for your funeral, it’s your last party… how do you want to exit?

And what would you like on your tombstone? What would you like to be remembered for? This would be one of mine…

“She laughed even when things were not funny.” It’s true.