Beauty is our downfall and also our resurrection. It is important to understand the true meaning and purpose of beauty. It is not a mistake that we are called us to be “good, beautiful and holy.” Our God called us good. To be good is to be beautiful. Yeshua saw me, saw us, saw this world as beautiful. The recognition of this beauty was very holy. To recognize the world as beautiful is a very holy thing to do. The recognition of beauty has the ability to heal. You are capable of this type of healing. Of course, the world is like an abused child and will resist your assertions of its beauty. It will tell you of all its warts, and boils, and puss pockets and rage. 


Do not be convinced and be not afraid. Be not afraid to face all of this with beauty. Be fearless in your commitment to rise and face the world with beauty. Be generous in your ability to seek and see the beauty of the world. 


When I say to you- “Rise in beauty.” This is not conditional beauty, this is an energetic beauty of love and if you are in love you will each glow like the sun. You will rise and be as purposeful as the sunflower who nurtures orchards of seeds in her heart all while seeking only the light. She does not question her perfection – she pays no mind – she simply rises and seeks the sun and allows her beauty to be revealed.


You, my beloved, have been dazzled by darkness and drama. But what has that gotten you?


It’s time to lighten up.


A Sunflower knows how to purify the most toxic situations.


Lift your eyes to the sun and know that this is not just for you. This is for the limitless crops of sunflowers that live within your bosom.


Allow yourself to activate that inner light and let it shine and seek to expand it to every corner of the world and bless it with your beauty.
Beauty is unconditional love. It is a gift that you give the world. It lives in everyone and everything. You are beautiful. Once you accept this, you will be able to extend it and witness it in others. You are beautiful. Made by beauty and for beauty. This the is whole and holy truth.  






Maureen Muldoon is a Spiritual Vixen, intuitive vision caster, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She is the spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community and creative director of Voice Box. She hosts conversations that inspire individuals and organizations to get on the course with awesomeness. She blogs at ~ and Vlogs on YOUTUBE