We have all heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know.”While we all accept that we are not “all knowing,” the consequence of “not knowing or seeing” can lead to some tough classrooms. “I wish I had seen that coming!” We hear ourselves say.  But how could we if there is a blind spot?


Just like when you are driving, the blind spot is an area that is just out side your range of vision. You check all the angles and move with caution and BAM, you get hit right in the blind spot or pulled over by a cop. Leaving you shaking your head in confusion. “I just didn’t see it.”


Addictions are like blind spots. We grow tolerant of a behavior and stop being able to see it for what it really is. The good news is that we can grow in our mindfulness and awareness to allow things to come up for us.

“We all have blind spots – those areas for improvement and growth. As painful as it can be to admit we’re doing things we never wanted to do and saying things we never wanted to say, it is this acknowledgement that enables us to take the first step toward change. Be gentle with yourself. Be real with yourself. Take baby steps.”

Maureen Muldoon is a Spiritual Vixen, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She is the spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community and creative director of Voice Box. She host conversation that support individuals and organizations get on the path to awesomeness. She blogs at ~ and Vlogs on YOUTUBE 


Rhonda Louise Robbins