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Dear Sisters,

There has to be a better way. It is time to own your BEAUTY. Listen up, get fired up and rise to your greatness without the cost of taking anyone else down. It is time to affirm, “She is good, raise her up!”


If we are seeing something as broken or bad, we can be sure that we are not seeing the holy or whole vision. To maintain this broken story, we have to defend the idea of scarcity. This investment in lack is exhausting us. It is draining us of everything that is good and beautiful, not to mention our truth and true purpose.


What would it be like to rejoice in her boldness and visibility? What would it be like to sing with all our hearts, “Raise her up, she is good!” What would it be like to be the generation that changes the tides, and eradicates the dam that has always been self-imposed.  What would it be like to know and confirm the abundant nature of love for each other? What would it like to not be threatened by the rise of a woman’s power, but inspired and lifted and illuminated?


It’s an inside job, but we can do it together. Each of us are responsible for our own self-esteem. Where can I be of service and where can I shift the energy and move into creativity? The ego knows nothing about creativity, it is only about regurgitating the same old story. The script usually goes like this: They are wrong. I am right. Not very creative… haven’t we grown bored with that script? The more we tell this broken story, the deeper the groove we create. But this groove did not start with this current story. If we have a deep groove or a broken core belief, it is because we have been walking and talking this broken story. We have worn the road smooth to the point that all our energy is directed down this path. It is not easy to change course when we are so unconscious and tolerant of pain, shame and guilt. We can know that although we want to be distracted by the current crucifixion, it’s not the current crucifixion that matters, it is the core belief. It’s usually something basic like, “I don’t believe anyone likes me. I believe I am abandonable. I do not matter.”  These are core beliefs of the ego. We want to look at them and raise them to the light and in the light, look to see if there is a new path. We need to make it our goal to switch our broken story for truth.


Moving from “I am right” to “I am willing to see things differently” can sometimes feel like jumping across the grand canyon. It’s not easy, but when we get on the other side and let go of “I am right”, we can restore ourselves to right-mindedness and activate the vital energy of God. We don’t want to be cut off from that. If we are cut off from that, we are going to feel rigid, brittle, drained and exhausted. Instead, we will want to look at where we are invested in being right. We can choose to be right or we can be happy.  


The holy question is “Is there another way?” The contemplation of this question will help us to recognize what we don’t want to recognize: that we are so connected. Like the root system of the Redwood forest, there is an connection to us that is our true strength and we have to stop battling at the roots of our being. We have to recognize that we are community, we are unity, we are one with each other. You are part of me. My breaking you down does not serve me. My pointing the finger at you and breaking you down does not serve. We know this. We know this. We know this. But knowing is no longer enough, now is the time to act like we know it and have our actions be inspired by love.


Now is not the time to pull her back. Now is the time to push her forward and say, “Go for it!” We woman are masters at burning and branding each other. In meditation, a deep truth was revealed to me that the first women burned at the stake were burned by other women and we have not stopped burning each other since. This is a bold statement and I only ask that you be with it. Is this true in any nook or cranny of your life? Where am I branding and burning and amputating my sister’s power, brilliance and beauty? Where am I fearing my own power, brilliance and beauty? Where am I cutting her down? Where can I raise her up?
It’s time to grow and know a greater Truth for each other, for ourselves, and for our daughters.


Maureen Muldoon is a Spiritual Vixen, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. Founder of SpeakEasy, Spiritual Community and Voice Box Stories. She helps clients get to where they want to be in business, love, and life. She blogs at ~ and Vlogs on YOUTUBE