Fear is a powerful show stopper. It can take the wind right out of the sails and deflate even the most optimistic Annie. But fear is also a wonderful directional. The alarms are going off, your heart is pounding, and something is happening! Is it something to fear? Or could it be an invitation to step forward rather than a warning to retreat?

Sometimes fear is just excitement that got confused. It’s easy to understand the benefits of not being afraid. But how do you actually live there? A Course In Miracles says “only our thoughts can harm us.” A pretty huge statement, worth repeating.

“only our thoughts can harm us.”

If this is true, and I believe it is, then all we need to do, is to take responsibility for the source of the fear (our minds) and gently shift our thoughts towards creating a new grove in our thought patterns. Your brain has an imagination and it craves stimuli. If you don’t give it healthy creative opportunities to work out, it will make stuff up. 


Here are 7 ways to direct your mind towards healthy, creative solutions that will gently walk you out of fear. 


7 ways to LOVE more and FEARLESS!

  1. Get accountability. Everything is easier when you have a friend by your side.

  2. Get things into proper perspective. Remember everything is small potatoes. What seems huge today will be a blip in the rearview mirror tomorrow. And you will laugh at how little it all turned out to be.

  3. Get into acceptance and celebrate your progress. Take baby steps and be gentle with yourself.  Stepping forward on awkward shaky legs is still stepping forward! Celebrate ALL progress.

  4. Get grounded. Stay in your own backyard, comparison is a breeding ground for fear. Keep your eye on the prize and keep walking. You are so very capable. If God brings you to it… God will bring you through it.

  5. Get grateful. Be grateful for your morbid/creative mind. Our untrained mind will drag us into all kinds of horrible thoughts in hopes that we will get stuck in a loop. The best way I have found to break the loop is gratitude. “Thank you my very creative mind for being so… creative. If I were in the business of writing horror films, these thoughts would come in handy and even be profitable. But I am not in the business of writing horror films so let’s me think about something that is actually good and true and holy.”

  6. Get silly. Exaggerate and then share your fears with a friend in an effort to make her laugh. It will not only help bring the mad ramblings to light… but effectively make light of them.

  7. Get moving. Get up and do something new. Get yourself busy creating something… a meal, a story, a song, a painting. Creativity is the best vacation form fear. 

So what are you afraid of?  You were born to LOVE more & fear less. Leave me a note to let me know you were here. Continued blessings on your journey. 

Maureen Muldoon is a Spiritual Vixen, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She helps clients get to where they want to be in business, love, and life. She blogs at ~ MaureenMuldoon.com and Vlogs on YOUTUBE