Every day we see the impermanence of things. We live in the sands of time and watch things shift and change faster than we are able to integrate. When things break down, it’s hard not to question, not to ask ourselves if we are really on course with our purpose. These earth-shattering events are powerful catalyst that have the ability to strip us down to the bones of who we are and help us get real.

Are you doing what you are here to do? Are you at least walking towards it? I KNOW that the world will tell you “no” a million times. But I also know that you are thirsty and will not be denied. I know that you are invested in staying true to your heart and your curiosities, reaching for your dreams and desires and asking for and accepting more.

We all have a purpose but the world is a noisy place and it’s hard not to get caught up in the fear that your voices will never be heard, that you will die with all the music still in you. And yet the act of putting it out there and standing, knees shaking, in the spot light, can feel too threatening. It seems easier to churn up a drama to keep from showing up to life. Add a little people-pleasing, a dash of guilt and resentment, a sprinkle of low self-esteem, and it’s amazing that anyone gets anything done.  I hear these sick, sideways stories every day and I just want to say, “ENOUGH. This no more.” It’s time to “woman up” and get on with the business of being brilliant.

I am guilty of falling asleep to my own purpose at times, but I am also crazy vigilant and passionate about staying awake as best I can. Because this thing… this busting up of fear and birthing forth of love in what ever way you do it… be it teaching, massaging, coaching, singing, storytelling, mothering… what ever combination of talents you carry, they must be expressed and shared. They MUST. That is all there is to it.

I know your heart. Oddly THE core purpose is more universal then imagined. My own purpose is most likely not too far off from yours. To be 100% in love with my life. To live from a place of joy, give from a place of over flow, show up where I am called to be and to be in love with the magnificence of the moment.

To be even more transparent: my personal goal is to reach millions, or at least not play it small, I want to be of optimal service and leave nothing on the table but a road map of possibilities for others. May I even be so bold to say that I would totally enjoy being a CELEBRATED and recognized transformational author and speaker. Why wouldn’t I? Life is short. Grab it, claim it, gobble it down, enjoy it, embrace it and when you are done sing me a song of happiness.

I know that putting dreams and desires out in the light is risky business, dreams are fragile and can be smashed, poked, dismantled with one well aimed side ways remark.

However, time is shifting and its time that we all put away our fears and step boldly to the light, the sunny side, the spot light and claim your piece of the pie.

Women you are entitled to live large like your brothers. You are entitled to expect and ask and receive all that you desire. The world waits with baited breath for you to step forward and fulfill the purpose that only you can.

Make a commitment to yourself and your daughters to claim your truth unapologetically. Make a promise to yourself and your sisters to allow your bones to feel “entitled”. Dress yourself in entitlement. It is not a dirty word. Ask for what you want and don’t stop asking till you get it. Encourage your daughters to ask… implore your sister to claim what is theirs. You got this. Own it. Walk in like you know who you are.

Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth and love like crazy. Cause the world needs to see and hear and experience holy women of power and purpose. And holy women of power and purpose need to show up for the world. It’s time. Are you with me?

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Maureen Muldoon is a Spiritual Vixen, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader who helps you go from where you are to where you want to be in business, love, and life. She blogs at www.communitysanctuary.com. ~ MaureenMuldoon.com and Vlogs on YOUTUBE