Butterflies are a symbol of possibility. They sweep in, flutter by, and delightfully distract us from the mundane. They ignite a flicker of awe. “Look!” we say, “Look a butterfly!”

And without words she whispers back, “Yeah, look at me! Look what’s possible! I’m flippin’ flying!

The feeling we get when spotting a butterfly, is the same feeling that we should experience when we see one of us rise. Jealously is our Kryptonite.

That woman who pressed our envy button is our best teacher. She is a symbol of possibility. She is a sincere sign that reads… “Come this way, follow me, there is room at the table, and God does not play favorites.”

Take time today to give thanks for those teachers that sometimes feel like lemon juice to the eyeballs. Instead of distain and gossip, how ’bout we try out delight? What would happen if we activated awe? “Look! Look! Look! A butterfly!”

You spot it, you got it. Take time to test out your wings.