My very first job as a Spiritual Practitioner was working for the World Ministry of Prayer. I would sit in my home in California and for six-hour shifts the phone would ring and I would prayer with people from all over the word.

“Hello, World Ministry of Prayer.”

I would do my best to try to sound helpful and holy at the same time. On the other line there was a person in pain. No one calls a prayer line when things are going well. It was a mother who had lost a child, a father who had lost a job, a young man who has gotten an illness, a person who had gotten lost. It was a call for love. This opportunity gave me so much insight into the human experience and the power of prayer.

They would tell me their fears and I would offer them prayer. Affirmative prayer is very different from the prayers that I had learned as a child. It was not route pray, it did not ask for anything, there was no graveling or begging or beseeching. Instead it’s a simple recipe that has the miraculous ability to help us remember the unbroken and unbreakable connection that we each have with our Divine and the affirming of the desired outcome.

It is based on the idea that what you focus on increases or as Jesus said,

“So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”

(Mark 11:24).

Day after day, hour after hour and call after call I would affirm that with God all things were possible. What I realized was that although people were calling for many different reasons they were all confessing the very same thing. I am afraid; I have forgotten my connecting with God. So in essence it was my job to remind them of this connection and of how much God loved them.

Through the use of this simple recipe I was able to align and awaken the callers to the truth of who they were and more importantly whose they were.

We are each nothing short of the magnificent of God. Each an extension of God’s love that requires no sacrifice. Affirmative prayer demonstrates the truth that we are worthy of our highest good, despite the outer appearances.

As we surrender our fears and realign with the love of God, our new thoughts can manifest a more whole and holy experience. Prayer works miracles. I’ve witnessed it too many times to count or discount it. Next Sunday, I’ll be offering a workshop at Community Sanctuary where you can learn the simple 5-step recipe for affirmative prayer. If you are not in the area, but would like to experience affirmative prayer, just leave me a comment and your prayer request and I will connect you myself with a prayer that will chase off even the biggest and most impressive of fears.

Too shy to ask for prayer? No worries. I have added a link to my all-purpose-prayer-for-peace, power and happiness.

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