It’s Mother’s Day, and doesn’t that bring up a whole bouquet of barbwire?

We have all had mothers, and, at times, she has really been a MOTHER.

The truth is, we may not have gotten the mother we wanted, but we got the mother we needed. It’s also funny to note that, as mothers, like most drivers, we all think we are doing a pretty good job. If you want to dig up drama, tell a mother how to mother. Go ahead… just be sure to duck and run, because mothers do not like to be messed with. So Mothering and Motherhood is for sure one of our greatest classrooms.

It’s so universal, in fact, that “mother” is one of those words that has a similar form in almost every language. And it is suggested that “mother” is one of the original words.

Spanish: Madre

German: Mutter

Chinese: Mama

Korean: Um-ma

Bolognese: Ma Ger

Brazilian: Mae

Bulgarian: Majka

Calabrese: Matre Mamma

French: Mere

Italian: Madre

English: Mom

And the list goes on.

The verb “mother” means to “take care of” and even in the best relationships, we can all feel at times uncared for. If we have mother issues, it usually stems from feeling uncared for.  A “good” mother is exceptional at caring for us. This is where we can get into trouble. Because most of us don’t know our own good, and mothering can sometimes look like nagging. The script goes something like this.


Mom: Make your bed, eat your veggies, do your homework, get a job.


Kid: Get off my back…I don’t want to.


There is a great deal of trespassing that goes on with mothers and children because it is hard for us to delineate where you begin and I end. To add fuel to the fire, as mothers we are sometimes terrible at caring for ourselves. We forget to include ourselves in the equation and we can grow bitter from the over-mothering of others.

Balance is key. So the question is: How do you care for yourself so that you can care for your creations… be them books, babies, or businesses? How do you set time aside to fill your well?

A Course in Miracles tells us that giving and receiving are the same and that we can not extend what we have not first accepted. That is how important self-care is. So, beginning with yourself: How is your mothering going?




Here is a call to action: Make a plan that supports your self-care. Go back to the blog, post your commitment, and I will do my part by holding it in prayer. Being witnessed is a powerful way to stay honest. This is not just for the ladies. Everyone has an inner mother that needs to be nurtured, celebrated, and cared for.

As for me, everyday I get up and do my morning calls for A Course in Miracles. (Side note: We will be kicking it off again on July 1st- 365 days of Miracles of Course). So, when it comes to feeling spiritually cared for, I feel good. However, when it comes to the physical, I’ve got blind spots. So I am committed to moving my body more- yoga, dance, drumming, and long walks. I am going to try to do something physically for 30 minutes-a-day for 30 days. Jump on that intention if it speaks to you.



P.S.- The picture is Rosemary caring for her garden. Honoring Mother Earth and getting your feet in the dirt is a great way to find a bit of balance.