Last week I got a funny email asking, “What exactly is a Spiritual Vixen and how do I get to be one?” At first, I gave a pat answer along the lines of a tweet-able. 

“Being a Spiritual Vixen is about sacred irreverence and having a kick ass life.”

But the truth is it’s much deeper than that. So here’s a four-step plan to Spiritual Vixen-ville. It’s a great TRIBE to run with and a worthy way to roll. 

  1. Being a Spiritual Vixen means SHOWING UP.

A spiritual vixen is the one you can count on in your darkest hour. She shows up to your tragedies and smacks you with just enough truth to make you get back up. She moves fast and carries little baggage. She’s quick to laugh and hard to ruffle. She is unapologetic about the arrival of her own tears. She knows how to cut through the Bull Shizzle. She dances through life like a hot knife through butter. She may not know exactly where she’s going… but She always shows up to where she is supposed to be. She shows up.

 To develop this: Be impeccable with your commitments. This may require that you develop new skills and employ new tools. Get an alarm clock, a calendar, and an accountability partner. Don’t make excuses. Face the fear, show up to the illusion, stay awake in the labor and allow yourself to see just how powerful you really are. Go to where you are scared to go and do the things that most frighten you. Show up.

  1. Being a Spiritual Vixen means PAYING ATTENTION.

A Spiritual Vixen pays attention to the signs and symbols of life. She pays attention to her thoughts, desires, and feels. She pays attention to the pattern on her tea-cup, the fabric of the pillow, the shifting of your weight, the drifting of your eyes, the rhythm of her own breath. She listens with every ounce of herself. She sees the blind spots and the silver linings. She pays attention.

To develop this: Get curious. Admit that you don’t know what anything is for. Imagine that you will be asked to paint a picture of this day when you are done with it. Be a scientist, a detective, and a pirate. Look for the beauty, the mystery, the deeper meaning, and the treasure. And then cherish it. Cherish the perfect moment of NOW. Pay attention.

  1. Being a Spiritual Vixen means being fierce about TELLING THE TRUTH

A Spiritual Vixen tells the truth, the whole & holy truth and nothing but the truth. She honors her voice. She knows how to pray like a skilled surgeon. She does not let her ability to sing prevent her from doing so. She understands the power of her word. She honors the weight of silence. She does not water it down. She knows that she deserves the truth and that other’s can handle it.

To develop this: Stop worrying about what “they” will think or say. Stop sugar-coating and people-pleasing. Get real with yourself. Get rigorous with your honesty. Point out the elephant in the room. Ask the hard questions. Demand transparency. Give up gossip and assumptions. Tell the truth.

  1. Being a Spiritual Vixen means LOVING WITHOUT FEAR.

A Spiritual Vixen Loves with complete recklessness. She has no tolerance for anything less than unconditional. She is a master of letting go and course correction. She has walked through many fires and her scars are not hidden or praised but used to remember the escape route for others. She answers the door to angels and demons with equal grace and curiosity and she holds unflinching faith that everything will work out in the end for her highest good. She is fearless.

To develop this: Question everything. Pare down your belongs, commitments and relationships to only those that you are truly, deeply, and madly in love with. Let the rest go. They deserve better. Then take what is left and love it with all the passion and conviction that you have to give.

So show up, pay attention, tell the truth and LOVE.

In the comments, tell me something that is true about you. One small invitation to visibility.


Maureen Muldoon is a woman of power who is passionate about the well-being of the human race. She is 100% responsible for healing the consciousness of authentic communication. Maureen is known as The Spiritual Vixen, a happiness Pied Piper, intuitive vision caster, fearless activist, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader.

She is the founder and spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community, creative director of Voice Box, and founder of Miracles LIVE 365. She hosts conversations that inspire individuals and organizations to find their voice and tell their stories. Check out her Vlogs on YOUTUBE