Trusting your gut can be a game changer. It can also make no sense at all. Knowing the truth in your gut can not always be explained. You just know and the more you trust it, the more mysterious, miraculous and mind blowing it can become.

But how do you know if that inner voice is fear or faith? This is a question that comes to me quite often, “How do I know when to trust my intuition? Maybe it’s just fear and not good guidance.”

So here is my A to that Q.

Your inner wisdom, intuition, inner guidance, gut feelings, whatever you call it, will always lead you to greater freedom. Our bodies have been designed to include a high end early warning protection system. And like any muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. There are a few things to avoid to keep your intuition sharp: alcohol, sugar, caffeine and resentment (Good luck with that). If you are not ready to live like a monk, no worries. There are other ways of testing your intuition and even a few ways to build a clearer knowing.

If you’re unsure about a decision, you can test it easily. Does this make me FEEL tight and small? Or does this make me FEEL possible and expansive. God is not tight, small, stingy or scary.

Other ways to trust your intuition is to simple ask, “Is this really something that would serve the whole for the highest good or is this an ego desire?”.

The ego will lead you to actions that serve you temporarily where as your intuition will lead you to actions that will serve everyone permanently, yourself included.

If you would like to nurture your intuition, here is a list of activities that will connect you with your inner wisdom.


Brew some tea (opens channel)

Sweep your floor (clears stagnant energy)

Write in your journal (opens Channel)

Go for a run (opens and clears)

Listen to music (opens channel)

Clean off desk (clears stagnant energy)

Wash dishes (clears stagnant energy and opens)

Take a shower or bath or be around water (clears stagnant energy)

Chant or sing (opens channel)

Meditate or pray (opens channel)

Now it’s your turn…

Take a situation that you have been unclear about. Make a date with your internal teacher. Early morning is a great time for this. Imaging the choices around the situations. For every choice, imagine what it will FEEL like, then write it down. Clearly ask your internal teacher for clear direction in regards to your situation. This has always worked for me. But I will say that if you get nothing, then do nothing. Just be still and do not take action until you get clear direction. Trust me on this one. Haste really does make waste.