Voice Box Stories & Serenade

It’s a story, a serenade, a surrender, a place to be heard and hear about the human condition. It’s the old school front stoop and the modern day confessional where folks like us go to unfurl. Where a story leads to a song and a song leads to a story and the beat goes on and up and out. Where our feet tap to the rhythm, your head nods in agreement, and your heart pounds in anticipation for the chance to share your voice. 


Check out our themes and send us your story! We would love to see you on stage at Voice Box!

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EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD STORY. They connect us, inform us, and empower us to live better lives and for the past two decades, Maureen Muldoon has helped thousands of people tell better stories. If you are ready for true visibility, it’s time to harvest your stories and harness your power.

The day is designed to generate enthusiasm and appreciation for the power of storytelling and the way we can use it to highlight and empower our truth. Good storytelling can be used by everyone and the benefits range from soothing a child, or healing an old wound to enhance your brand, and building your platform. Through the application of a few simple steps along with her own expertly-told stories, Maureen shares that not only is storytelling a fun way to “win friends and influence people” but that storytelling is a powerful way to unblock triggers, reveal blind spots and cause a sense of well-being and freedom.

Your world is a reflection of the stories that you have been telling yourself. Under Maureen’s guidance and direction, participants will be lead through a process that will identify the stories that need to be told and everyone will leave with a new story that they can begin to lean into and live up to.

Those who hold the pen hold the power. So bring a journal and your favorite pen and join us for a day of stories.