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Giant Love Song is just that — an eloquent, beautifully written anthem to the sovereignty of love in our darkest hours. Maureen Muldoon’s words dance across the pages like notes on a scale, guiding the reader through the pain and the beauty of loss in ways that’ll leave you grateful for the time spent turning pages. Jim Praytor, Hollywood TV …

Maureen MuldoonGIANT LOVE SONG

She laughed

I was drive yesterday and saw this sign on a tombstone. “Bye Maureen P.” My maiden name is Maureen Pierson… so I took the sign seriously! “Bye?” Where am I going? Then I began to think of The Day Of The Dead. A time to honor relatives who have gone before us. A day to celebrate death. I know that …

Maureen MuldoonShe laughed
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Midwives, Mentors and Miracles

Midwives and Mentors Lending a hand or Not When I was in labor with my last baby, the midwife invited me to reach down, grab my child and bring her to my chest. She trusted me, I had been here before, this was my fourth birth and she had sat next to me the last three deliveries, coaching and supporting. …

Maureen MuldoonMidwives, Mentors and Miracles
Sunflower Moe

Conversations with my Divine: Speak To Us Of Beauty

  Beauty is our downfall and also our resurrection. It is important to understand the true meaning and purpose of beauty. It is not a mistake that we are called us to be “good, beautiful and holy.” Our God called us good. To be good is to be beautiful. Yeshua saw me, saw us, saw this world as beautiful. The …

Maureen MuldoonConversations with my Divine: Speak To Us Of Beauty
Sunflower Moe

First Things First

How you do anything is how you do everything, and so, for the most part, I have taken to going to God prior to making decisions. I’ve learned as I sincerely “seek first God” that, in fact, all else really is given. But this is not something you should take my word for. This is something you should prove for …

Maureen MuldoonFirst Things First
There is no pissing section in the pool. (2)

ACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.

  Today on Miracles Live 365, we were covering lesson 126 from A Course In Miracles. All that I give is given to myself. On the call, one of the wise woman remind us of the old schoolyard warning about watching your words… I am paper you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on to you. …

Maureen MuldoonACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.
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7 steps to Fearlessness

Fear is a powerful show stopper. It can take the wind right out of the sails and deflate even the most optimistic Annie. But fear is also a wonderful directional. The alarms are going off, your heart is pounding, and something is happening! Is it something to fear? Or could it be an invitation to step forward rather than a …

Maureen Muldoon7 steps to Fearlessness
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How I landed in Maximum Security

I closed my eyes, took a breath and heard the words, “Welcome to maximum security.” This announcement was a bit shocking though,  I should be used to it. My Divine has an interesting sense of humor. See I wasn’t entering a prison, I was beginning a meditation. I’ve had a few friends tell me stories of prison and their time spent in …

Maureen MuldoonHow I landed in Maximum Security