You are created to create. This is a simple statement of a simple truth. You, my dear, are entitled to know and claim yourself as a creatrix*.  It is your title and so you must embrace this entitlement with every cell of your blessed being. However, “entitlement” can feel inauthentic. It brings to mind the smug turned up collars of …

Maureen MuldoonEntitlement
There is no pissing section in the pool. (2)

ACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.

  Today on Miracles Live 365, we were covering lesson 126 from A Course In Miracles. All that I give is given to myself. On the call, one of the wise woman remind us of the old schoolyard warning about watching your words… I am paper you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on to you. …

Maureen MuldoonACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.
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How I landed in Maximum Security

I closed my eyes, took a breath and heard the words, “Welcome to maximum security.” This announcement was a bit shocking though,  I should be used to it. My Divine has an interesting sense of humor. See I wasn’t entering a prison, I was beginning a meditation. I’ve had a few friends tell me stories of prison and their time spent in …

Maureen MuldoonHow I landed in Maximum Security

Two Steps to Forgiveness

There are two steps to forgiveness. Simple steps but not necessarily easy. Still it’s worth the effort. Holding on to grievances and un-forgiveness will hold you back from being, seeing and freeing love. When you are not in love with your live it is like wearing cement shoes. If you are ready to live then it’s time you forgive. Take …

Maureen MuldoonTwo Steps to Forgiveness

U complete US

Looking down at a collection of stones I am mesmerized by their synergy. When I pick one up to examine it closer, it’s doesn’t seem all that  spectacular, but in the presence of the other stones, it’s beauty is magnified. That’s the magic of intimacy, community and showing up. Activating your warrior energy is all about showing up and choosing to …

Maureen MuldoonU complete US

Do You… This is not a question.

Next month, my partner Charlene Vickery and I will open the doors on Community Sanctuary and honestly I am quaking in my boots. The ego’s song rings loudly in my ears, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Funny thing is that today this feeling of fear is awesome! It tells me that I am on COURSE. This stepping out and being visible …

Maureen MuldoonDo You… This is not a question.

Miracles TIP  for overcoming obstacle

Getting ready to leave for Madeline Island I decided that I would bring my 20-year-old juicer and about ten bags of carrots. Not sure why. I had never taken my juicer before. But apparently this would be the year that I would be drink carrot juice on vacation.   At the island we have no internet, so each morning I …

Maureen MuldoonMiracles TIP  for overcoming obstacle

Mother of twilight

Mother of twilight tear us away from the density of time. Initiate us into the ever, the all, the breath of the infinite. Baptize us with starlight. Wrap our souls in the shroud of rapture and sound. Create in us everything which has been lost and all which is unknowable. Let us speak in the tongue of grace, in which …

Maureen MuldoonMother of twilight

Somersaults Lead to Success

When I was a little kid, my neighbor signed me up for a gymnastics class. It was a huge treat. I grew up with five older sisters, so I NEVER got signed up for anything. To ride a bike, do a cartwheel, or learn to jump rope, I didn’t need to take a class, I learned from watching. My sisters …

Maureen MuldoonSomersaults Lead to Success