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Giant Love Song is just that — an eloquent, beautifully written anthem to the sovereignty of love in our darkest hours. Maureen Muldoon’s words dance across the pages like notes on a scale, guiding the reader through the pain and the beauty of loss in ways that’ll leave you grateful for the time spent turning pages. Jim Praytor, Hollywood TV …

Maureen MuldoonGIANT LOVE SONG
One size fits all. (1)

Come Home For Christmas

  I’ll be home for Christ-mas is one of those songs that can stir the heart and gently awaken the inner prodigal daughter who longs to be reunited. We stubble through relationships and classrooms and programs hoping to find our way home. It’s surprising when we come to find we had the power all along. The feeling of being home …

Maureen MuldoonCome Home For Christmas
SV dragonfly

The dragonfly is a beautiful, powerful and complicated creature. Like an actual mythological dragon, I can’t help but imagine that dragonflies carry the energy of fire. They don’t flutter or float like the butterfly, but rather zips and hover in an almost alien type way. When Dragonfly shows up, she causes a stir of intrigue and awe that sets people still. …

Maureen Muldoon
There is no pissing section in the pool. (2)

ACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.

  Today on Miracles Live 365, we were covering lesson 126 from A Course In Miracles. All that I give is given to myself. On the call, one of the wise woman remind us of the old schoolyard warning about watching your words… I am paper you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on to you. …

Maureen MuldoonACIM Lesson 126 All that I give is given to myself.

Mother’s Day a Call for Self Love.

It’s Mother’s Day, and doesn’t that bring up a whole bouquet of barbwire? We have all had mothers, and, at times, she has really been a MOTHER. The truth is, we may not have gotten the mother we wanted, but we got the mother we needed. It’s also funny to note that, as mothers, like most drivers, we all think …

Maureen MuldoonMother’s Day a Call for Self Love.

Miracles TIP  for overcoming obstacle

Getting ready to leave for Madeline Island I decided that I would bring my 20-year-old juicer and about ten bags of carrots. Not sure why. I had never taken my juicer before. But apparently this would be the year that I would be drink carrot juice on vacation.   At the island we have no internet, so each morning I …

Maureen MuldoonMiracles TIP  for overcoming obstacle

Voice Box

Maureen Muldoon

It’s a story, a slam, a song, a serenade, a surrender. A place to be heard and hear about the human condition. It’s community, it’s alive, it’s entertaining and elevating. It’s the old school front stoop, it’s the modern day confessional. Where folks like us, who need to create and come out and connect go to spin and weave and unfurl. To encounter artistry and escape into inspiration. Where a song leads to a story and a story leads to a song and the beat goes on and out and up. Where your feet tap to the rhythm, your head nods in agreement, your hands meet in appreciation, and your heart pounds in anticipation for the chance to share your … voice.

Maureen MuldoonVoice Box