You are created to create. This is a simple statement of a simple truth. You, my dear, are entitled to know and claim yourself as a creatrix*.  It is your title and so you must embrace this entitlement with every cell of your blessed being. However, “entitlement” can feel inauthentic. It brings to mind the smug turned up collars of …

Maureen MuldoonEntitlement
Sunflower Moe

Morning Pages and Artist Dates

This week we’ve kicked off a journey into The Artist’s Way, a 12-week course, which consists of inspiration, activities, tasks and tools to help awaken your sleeping Picasso.   The two ‘basic tools’ that run throughout the course, are the ‘Morning Pages’, and The Artist Date. The ‘Morning Pages’ are the law, that helps to support a vital creative life. The …

Maureen MuldoonMorning Pages and Artist Dates